A Bright Yellow Caboose – Featured Art Print

This week, I wanted to feature an art print that shouts out with bold color, titled; A Bright Yellow Caboose!!! Talk about bright and talk about yellow!!

To create this art print, I used a fauvism style oil technique. This technique uses bold brush strokes, abstract shapes and surreal colors, creating a very contemporary look. This particular wall art print depicts a yellow caboose located on the grounds of the Issaquah Depot Museum, a preservation of a piece of important history in this part of the Pacific Northwest.


The setting is Issaquah, Washington and the Issaquah Depot Museum. Using some license with this bright colored abstract piece, my goal was to depict a yellow caboose sitting on the track at the station. The Issaquah train station was an important stop along the railroad route from downtown Seattle to the mountain towns in the Cascades. Issaquah sits in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range and is now an eastern suburb of the Seattle metropolitan area. The train station has been refurbished and now sits as a museum along the abandoned tracks it once served. Thoughts?

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32 thoughts on “A Bright Yellow Caboose – Featured Art Print

  1. teagan geneviene

    I adore this one, Kirt. When i first began reading the title, i thought of a “Big Yellow Taxi”… hey — maybe you can do a series on big bright yellow things. 😀 Huge hugs.

  2. Sue Slaght

    Wow that just jumps off the screen. I love the technique and would love to see how it is done. Have you ever thought of including a little video? Or is it trade secrets? Gorgeous at any rate.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks Sue….I’m afraid a video would be boring….lots of trial and error…..software coding and manipulation….about 1% of things I try actually come out with a “wow” factor😀 I am very visual and know exactly what I want for a final look and most of my attempts go by the wayside!

      1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        Some day I’ll be like the “Great Oz” and pull the curtain aside😀 That analogy only works if you are familiar with The Wizard Of Oz, I just realized😕

  3. Nancy

    Love this! Your technique for this was outstanding. Bright and cheery. Yellow has a way of doing that! Plus telling us a little history about this caboose makes it even more special! Thank You!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much…I was a little hesitant to share….not sure of the reaction because it is “very yellow” ! Thanks for taking the time for the feedback!!!


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