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High Above The Surf – Featured Art Print

High Above the Surf: a wall art print where I used a sketching and watercolor technique creating this scene. This technique uses sketched strokes to define the subject and then filled in with a watercolor look. This particular wall art print depicts a house on a bluff above the Pacific Ocean. I love the setting as it portrays a single structure far up on a bluff overlooking the sea. I can just picture nestled by the fire on a cold rainy night or sitting on a deck overlooking the ocean on a warm summer evening. Thoughts?

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Getting Your Christmas Tree


I just want to start this post with saying that the attached picture is what is in my head when I think of going to get a Christmas Tree. Do we really go out to the woods to cut down a tree…only in a fantasy world. When our girls were young, we always went to a Christmas Tree farm to find just the right tree…anything less than 9 feet wasn’t acceptable. After the year of the tree falling and needing wired to the wall, good old Dad went out and bought a fake tree. I won’t bore you with all of the details of the mishaps of putting the tree up that year, but suffice it to say, it put me over the edge and a fake tree was now my plan of attack. The following year when I came home with this 9 foot artificial tree, there was a minor revolt in the household. My wife and the two oldest girls refused to help put it up. Our youngest was more than willing to help Dad with the tree and it became our tradition to put the tree together, just the two of us and then the rest would come in to decorate. Ok, so she was only two when this started, but the branches were color coded and alphabetized. Over the years she learned her alphabet and colors quite well. It has become a family joke that Dad taught her how to read putting the tree together. Fast forward 24+ years and the tree still looks really good…(true story)…

I share all of this as every family has their traditions around getting their Christmas  tree, putting it up and decorating it. I wanted to share what is in my head when I assemble the alphabetized and color coded branches of our now 24 year old tree, the attached picture!!

May the Joy of the Season be with you and your family!!