The Barns – Featured Art Prints

This week, I wanted to feature a series of art prints from my Black And White Photography Gallery. I’m going to refer to this series as “The Barns”. I love black and white photography because you can create interesting moods with a monochrome approach. The subject of the print must possess enough contrast, lines and shading to help the photographer present the story they are trying to tell. Since I shoot in digital, it allows me the ability to play with the final subject matter so much more than when I used film. I shoot in RAW format to allow me the most options in presenting the final print. When I see shots I’ve taken that I think would look great in black and white, I adjust the picture to a monochrome status and then start playing with the level of detail, the amount of contrast and brightness to create an image that I think tells a story.

The setting for these shots is Eastern Iowa in the wintertime. There isn’t any snow on the ground, but it is cold and the trees are barren. The overall look of the countryside just speaks “Black and White” to me.

The first shot is a large barn with interesting cupolas on the roof. I thought it made the overall architecture of the barn that much more interesting. I played with the contrast, lighting and detail to allow the clouds to become a more important element of the shot.


This next print has become one of my favorites, simply because I love the hand pump. It just sits there in the yard right in front of the stables, but speaks volumes to me about life on the farm. I love the combination of elements between the stables and that simple little hand pump.

The third shot is the entire barn and stables from the previous capture. The location is the Amana Colonies in Eastern Iowa, south of Cedar Rapids and west of Iowa City. In this photograph, I wanted the clouds to add to the texture of the presentation. I had to play with the same three elements to get the right balance, as the clouds required a higher amount of detail and contrast to get them to pop like this.

The fourth picture is the same structure, but from the side. In this one, I downplayed the clouds because I wanted the focus to become the rough texture of the siding of the barn. I love the rough grain of the wood and wanted that to dominate this particular photograph.

The last one is an old hay barn located near the large stables and barn. I was going for the rough texture and age of the wood siding of this hay barn. I love the depth of this shot as you can see through the entire barn and I was lucky enough to get it with an empty hay wagon sitting inside. Thoughts?

I invite you to visit my Black and White Photography 1 Gallery to enjoy these prints and many more.

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34 thoughts on “The Barns – Featured Art Prints

  1. Sue Slaght

    Kirt these are wonderful photos. So much depth and texture. The third photo is my top pick as the sky seems to be the icing on the cake so to speak.
    Now I have what is a beginner photography question and I hope you won’t mind me asking. Can you explain what RAW means? Or do you have a link you might share about it? Just recently graduating from the point and shoot it is a whole new world out here. 🙂

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      No worries…..first question….on your camera does it give you options on the pixel size for your pictures? (The more pixels the more memory they take) If it does, is one of the options RAW? This option takes up the most memory and trust me eats up space when you download the pics. When I go into Photo Shop with the RAW version of the photos, it allows me to fine tune the various features of a picture as the RAW version has grabbed a lot of info for the shot. So check your camera to see if you have options on size of pic and let me know. One week to Peru!!!!

      1. Sue Slaght

        Thanks for that info Kirt. I will have a look but at this point the thought of photos taking more memory, especially when traveling makes my eye twitch. Nonetheless good to investigate.
        Yes next Thursday to South America!! So excited!

      1. Thumbup

        No worries! It happens to me too. Been wondering often on how I could have missed several comments and I got the people I follow disappear from my reader?
        You have a good evening.

  2. teagan geneviene

    Kirt, it was fascinating to hear how you worked with these photos. I really was captivated by the two featuring the sky (and the hay wagon in barn too). And this is from someone who can’t live without color. 😀 Great work. Shared all over the place. Hugs!

      1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        Lol….I told my wife after college….this is not where I want to stay😀 We kept going west….Denver….San Diego….Seattle….now here😀 That said I do enjoy going back every few years….I have family in Allentown area and Philly….

      2. Angie Mc

        Ha! We were westward bound too! I’m glad to call Arizona home for over 10 years. Love it! Except for August of course 😉 Love Philly. Allentown, is one of the bright spots in PA. It manages to change and adapt more so than my hometown of Scranton.

  3. reocochran

    The barns in black and white are awesome, Kirt. I admire how you are able to capture the most artistic shots and angles where they become unique and separate pieces of Art. You have so much talent, Kirt!

      1. reocochran

        My babysutter in the country used to bring baby lambs born in thebeinterms into her large country kitchen. We would feed them milk out of bottles. We loved the hay mown and playing as the sun went down in the golden corn fields of Autumn. My brother is an artist and captured this on a headboard which he sold.

      2. reocochran

        Sorry, Kirt, still getting used to having to re-check my comments. Dumb “hyper-sensitive” phone!
        The comment was meant to say
        babysitter, (not babysutter) and baby lambs born in the winter, versus ‘gobbledy goop” cell phone wrote. 🙂

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