Abstract Sunsets – Featured Art Prints

The wall art prints I wanted to feature this week come from my Abstract Watercolor Gallery. It’s a series of sunset wall art prints that are inspired by the same sunset in the same location. This allows me the ability to showcase a couple of elements as it relates to these prints. The first element is the use of an abstract technique and the second is the color changes that occur within one sunset.


So, lets start with the abstract approach in these prints. Not everyone is a fan of abstract art and the beauty of art is “that’s ok”. We all react a little differently to various looks, colors and styles. I like abstract art because I appreciate colors and shapes. I don’t need an art print to depict a realistic scene all the time; sometimes I just appreciate the use of colors and shapes. I approached these sunset prints with suggestive shapes and bold colors that were as true to the beauty I witnessed in the sky as I could replicate.

That takes me to the second element. The sunset in these prints was over the coastal area of San Diego County a few years back. The perspective is from a distance looking over the land towards the sea just after the sun has gone down. When you see one of “those” sunsets, you know that the color palette of the sky changes continually as it turns into dusk. This series follows such a sunset.

The first one is called Orange Ocean Sunset. The sun has just set and the bright colors dance off of the high clouds over the ocean. The ocean itself turns a bright orange reflecting the sky.

The second one I’ve titled Orange Hillside Sunset. The sun has sunk lower, beyond the horizon, creating deeper colors. The foreground in this print uses a hillside as a balance against the brilliance of the sky.

The third print is titled Blue And Red Ocean Sunset. The sun sinks even lower, creating darker hues of the numerous colors and the night sky starts to show as the deep blue towards the top.

The fourth print is called Red Ocean Sunset. Dusk has set in and the light fades, but not without a final burst of brilliant red lighting the sky and the ocean.


I invite you to visit my Abstract Watercolor Gallery to enjoy these prints and many more.

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25 thoughts on “Abstract Sunsets – Featured Art Prints

  1. teagan geneviene

    They are lovely Kirt, and your explanation makes them more so. I think I like the first one best, but “Blue And Red Ocean Sunset” has unexpected colors, making me like it very nearly as much. The way you describe the colors changing reminds me of how i felt about the light against the Sandias where i lived West of Albuquerque. Throughout the day the light made the colors on the mountain seem different. Lovely post. Hugs! 😀 ⭐

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much Teagan!! Arizona is known for these types of sunsets, but all of our years in San Diego…they were far and few between! You either have a low layer of clouds (Marine layer) coming in off the ocean or no clouds. The few times you had the high level clouds to reflect the light on the ocean…..incredible. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. reocochran

        Kirt, I was not being kind, just telling the truth. 🙂 My family loves art. My brother and oldest daughter went to collegE to study art, so unfortunately (or fortunately for me!) I have walls filled with art. Oh, and glass and wooden pieces on shelves. Not too often do I mention this but my Grandma Oldrieve’s uncle (so my Great Grand Uncle) was Alexander Calder. I have a limited print which is not as great as seeing his massive sculptures, Kirt. He “invented” a type of sculpture called a stationary mobile or “stabile.” Definitely, he was a modernist! 🙂

      2. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        How incredible to have all of that talent in the family! Mine comes from my Mom’s side. She was a gifted painter but never pursued it only as a hobby. Out of 4 siblings, my sister and I are the only ones with any of the artistic gifts, yet in each of my siblings families (just by chance we all have 3 kids) there is 1 artist in each…all adults and all but one of them used those gifts in their career choices.

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