Henry Island to Anacortes – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

I wanted to continue from last weeks post with sharing shots from our June weekend in the Seattle, Washington area. As a refresher from the last two weeks:

“On Friday, we spent the day going up to Henry Island. Henry Island is located on the north end of the Strait of Juan de Fuca in a group of islands called the San Juan Islands. This island is the most western island of the group and sits right across from Vancouver Island, British Columbia (just north of Victoria). To get to Henry Island, we needed to take a ferry (car and pedestrian) from Anacortes, Washington to Friday Harbor, which is located on San Juan Island proper. From Friday Harbor, we took our car across that island to the north end until we came to Roche Harbor. We did make a stop by Roche Harbor to go to an oyster farm, which is owned by the people we were going to see on Henry Island. After touring the oyster farm, we went back to Roche Harbor, parked the car and took a small boat that was left for us by family members over to Henry Island. I am going to be sharing a number of the shots that I took that day, but am breaking it down into what I think will be about three posts over the next few weeks.”

My post last week covered shots of Roche Harbor. This week a couple of shots from Henry Island and then our return ferry ride back to Anacortes, Washington.

First, a little about Henry Island; the island is all of 1.593 square miles and is home to only a handful of permanent residents. It is a heavily wooded island and is the westernmost of the San Juan Islands. The western side faces Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Henry Island 1

Henry Island 1

Henry Island 1 gives you a good look from the shore of the property we were visiting across to a dock and Vancouver Island, British Columbia in the background. If you see a dot in the sky, it’s a seaplane circling around on its final approach into Roche Harbor. Also, notice how brown the grass is and remember this was taken in June, not August. The reduced amount of normal rainfall in the Pacific Northwest was very apparent with the grasses everywhere we went already brown this early in the season.

Henry Island 2

Henry Island 2

Henry Island 2 is a shot looking straight out towards a small island just off shore.

We had an incredible afternoon, but needed to get going to catch the 6:30 ferry from Friday Harbor back to Anacortes. So, we did the whole thing in reverse, took a small boat back to Roche Harbor, got our car and drove across San Juan Island to Friday Harbor and our ferry. The ferry ride back showed a different perspective than the ride to Friday Harbor.

Henry Island 3

Henry Island 3

Henry Island 3 is a capture of Mt Baker on the mainland in Washington. Mt Baker is one of the many volcanoes dotting the landscape from Mt Shasta in Northern California on up into Alaska.

Henry Island 4

Henry Island 4

Henry Island 4 shows a sister ferry docked at one of the San Juan Islands along the way. This is a busy traffic route with multiple ferries connecting the different islands to the mainland in Washington and Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Henry Island 5

Henry Island 5

Henry Island 5 is a shot looking back towards the west as the sun was getting a little lower in the sky. This time of year, being this far north, the sunset is still many hours away.

Henry Island 6

Henry Island 6

Henry Island 6 caught my attention as we approached Anacortes with the small rock outcroppings. It’s hard to see, but on that rock is a group of pelicans enjoying their summer evening.

Henry Island 7

Henry Island 7

Henry Island 7 gives us another look at Mt Baker, which was behind one of the islands for most of the journey back. We were now coming into Anacortes and finishing the day adventure to Henry Island.

Next week, I will share one final series. What would a trip to Seattle be without a photo shoot of the Space Needle and downtown?


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34 thoughts on “Henry Island to Anacortes – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

  1. Sue Slaght

    Wow! Sometimes that says it all. #3 is a jaw dropper( that’s the technical term ). Beautifully captured Kirt. Such a fabulous part of this planet I must say,

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much! I really love the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and am happy we have a great excuse to go up there a couple times a year! Thanks for stopping by Sue!!

      1. teagan geneviene

        Oh no. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the Pacific Northwest. But if I didn’t have to make a living, I would love a tiny, out of the way town.
        Nice photos for the daydream. 🙂

      2. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        A must for you at some point in time, plus Seattle is such an urban city and has so much to offer. First get you back to the desert and then trip to the Northwest👍 Take Care!!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      I didn’t see it in the ferry ride up, but remembered it from a ferry ride we took over to Vancouver Island a few years back! Weather was perfect for both captures! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. reocochran

    Kirt, I liked peeking between the branches at Henry Island 1. Then, enjoyed the glistening water and the mountain examples given. You made me feel Ike I can now close my eyes and sleep dreaming if thus particular island, thanks for the dream fantasy. 🙂

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