A Letter To My Children

I have been following Constance blog for awhile…she is an incredible photographer and I admire her art! This particular blog grabbed my attention as I also have three girls (mid 20’s up to early 30’s) and I couldn’t have said what she said to her girls any better to my own. They grow up fast, but every age is a joy and fascination to watch! Unconditional love says it all!!

Things To Talk About

Jaida & Autumn Jaida & Autumn

Halea Halea

I love you, all thee of you girls. When I felt I had no place in this world , one by one you girls came along and filled my world with happiness and worth. You make me see, realize, and understand what true,unconditional love is. You girls make waking up everyone morning and facing this cruel world worth while. You brighten my world and make it incredible and I feel sorry for the people who will not allow themselves to feel happiness and let it in their life ,especially those who have kids. you bring something new, amazing, and exciting into my life everyday. When I feel I am at my worse, and it is time for me to give up, I look at your faces , the artwork you bring me from school ,and how- it is to me- a masterpiece that not even Van…

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3 thoughts on “A Letter To My Children

      1. Dina

        Just re-read my comment – it should be ‘thanks’ for sharing not ‘that’ – what was I thinking??!!?!

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