Pine Forest – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

Pine Trees 1

Pine Trees 1

The excerpts from a photo shoot I want to share today are from a picnic lunch we had with some friends last weekend. As I always travel with my camera, I was ready for these shots. We had traveled Saturday morning to watch a scrimmage football game by Arizona State University. The facility they have been using is a camp nestled in a pine forest away from campus and the city. With the heat here in Phoenix this time of year this certainly makes more sense for the players. The drive doesn’t take that long and before you know it, you have climbed in elevation, the desert is behind you and pine trees are everywhere. After the scrimmage, we drove further up out of the valley into the mountains and found this spot to eat. The view was incredible, the food and company were great. It was nice to just sit and relax in conversation as gentle afternoon breezes blew through the pine trees.

This first shot is of the valley where we had just been. The area we had found had a small granite ledge that jutted out over the edge.

Pine Trees 2

Pine Trees 2

The second shot is from our picnic table looking through the trees towards the ledge in picture 1.

Pine Trees 3

Pine Trees 3

The third shot is the forest with the valley in the right of the frame. The lack of undergrowth in the woods was very different than what I was hiking in last year in the Cascades, but reminded us of the Colorado pine forests where we had lived many years ago. Obviously the rainfall is different between this part of the country and the Pacific Northwest. 🙂

So, this week, I’m just sharing some shots from my weekend, no words of wisdom or incredible insights….just enjoy the scenery!

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28 thoughts on “Pine Forest – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

  1. jorobinson176

    So beautiful Kirt! I’ve just got my first ever camera – believe it or not – for original art for covers and so on. 😀 It seems a bit like rocket science to me still, but looking at your photos is inspiration to get a move on.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Obviously the point and click features make most shooting easy. With digital cameras vs. what I grew up on…the options are limitless when you take over and shoot your pics manually (choosing your own aperture and speed, etc.). Enjoy it….just take it at your own speed! Thanks for stopping by!!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      The irony for those of us in the Phoenix area…..we went from 107 degrees (fahrenheit) to 85. We went from cactus covered desert landscape to pine trees. It was a welcome reprieve from this summer heat. Thanks for stopping by!


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