Abstract Tropical Sunsets

From the winter forests of the Pacific Northwest in last weeks post, I take you all the way down the Pacific Coastline to Carlsbad, California. Carlsbad is located in the northern coastal area of San Diego County. The two sunsets I am featuring this week were along the coastline of Carlsbad just south of the downtown village. Carlsbad is probably best known anymore as the home of Legoland. The actual irony is that the featured prints were created from a photo shoot I did in February, so I’m actually still keeping the winter theme going……

For those of you that follow me, you know I like color and abstract techniques in my creation of art prints. These two were created using an abstract watercolor technique that highlights the bold colors of the sunset.

For this first print I kept the sun behind one of the palm trees for a not so typical rendition of a sunset over the coastal ocean.

This second one is more typical by centering the sun between the palm trees. I also added pedestrian walkers in the left portion of the scene.


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48 thoughts on “Abstract Tropical Sunsets

  1. milfordstreet

    I like the one with the sun behind the tree better. In the other one, my eye stays in the bright spot. In the first one there is more balance of trees (symmetry) and my eye moves around the image more. Nice images. I like this technique.

  2. Dan Antion

    These are great, Kirt. I only ever got the chance to see sunsets over water, while traveling. I was always amazed at how they reach a point where the color floods the scene. Your images remind me of that.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much Dan…seems weird, but colorful sunsets like this are not as common as one would think in San Diego, so when they would occur… Thanks for the feedback…have a great weekend!!

      1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

        It’s more of the norm to have a marine layer come in late afternoon, so low clouds block the sunset….when it is actually clear, the really spectacular sunsets require high clouds to reflect the clouds…that situation occurs mostly during the winter months. Probably more than you wanted to know😎

  3. Writing to Freedom

    I love the colors and feeling tone of these two sunsets Kirt. I like the first one for being different. Usually, I would prefer the sun to be visible and offset from the center (I like the rule of thirds for image composition). For composition, I’d be curious to see the bottom image with the right-hand tree cropped out and the sun moved to the right side third area.

  4. Diane Henders

    Very cool – just altering the sun position really changes the look! I’m a freak – I would have put the sun about one-third/two-thirds between the trees. (There’s one in every crowd…) 😉

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Love the feedback and truly appreciate it! That’s what I look for because we all see things a little differently and we all have different perspectives. It adds to the creative process and guides me to try different perspectives as I work on new projects!! So I truly mean it when I say “much appreciated”!!

  5. Felipe Adan Lerma

    Thought I’d prefer the 1st, with the 3 tall palms, but the version with the person, head bent (?) silhouetted to the left of the trees just turned it for me. Beauty & the impact of a person created a whole other dimension for me 😊 Fun comparing, Kirt!

      1. Felipe Adan Lerma

        It’s amazing how enjoyable the trial & error part’s become over the years for me vs the getting it done getting it right phase, which more & more often seems to mean being ready & lucky! Merry Christmas, Kirt ❤️

  6. Teagan R. Geneviene

    These look really great, Kirt. The effect is wonderful on that vivid orange. I particularly like the second one. Even though it’s a subtle addition, I like that you included the walkers. It adds a bit of a story to the composition. Hugs on the wing!


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