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White Rose

In keeping with the theme of the week – floral – I wanted to share another rose print that I took into a totally different direction than my last one. This one is a white rose bloom (same location that the red rose was taken – a public garden in Portland, Oregon). Again, the original photograph stands on its own as I have it listed as an art print in my Color Photography Gallery. I wanted to add a different dimension, so I did the white rose bloom as a watercolor drawing. The drawing adds an abstract look suggesting the rose shape and the watercolor painting softens the final piece. Below is the original version…

…and this is the watercolor version:

Thoughts? Comments?

The White Rose photograph came from my Color Photography Gallery and the Watercolor Rose art print came from my Floral/Still Life Gallery.   Follow my work on my Facebook page – TheWallGallery by Kirt Tisdale. (Page likes are always appreciated!) Thanks!

The Path

I love hiking and I have this thing with taking pictures of hiking trails. There is something about a picture of path that makes me want to know where it goes…human element of curiousity…it’s the same thing that keeps me hiking on paths over the next hill or around the next bend. I wanted to share such a picture from somewhere in the coastal forest of Washington State. In my galleries, I have taken the original picture and done it in two styles of watercolor, since watercolor painting gives the scene a softer look.

This first art print is done in what I would refer to as a traditional style of watercolor. The brush strokes are subtle and the shading gives the picture more texture and depth, yet stays true to the original picture.  Next…..

The pointillism style is just what it says…many points of color to create a picture. It renders an even softer scene and is more suggestive of the subject matter as opposed to the first one.

Thoughts? Comments?

These particular art prints came from my Landscape Watercolor Gallery.   Follow my work on my Facebook page – TheWallGallery by Kirt Tisdale. (Page likes are always appreciated!) Thanks!


I just opened a new gallery on my web site called Inspiration.  I have been creating a few of my art prints with some of my prayers and biblical quotes. I then felt moved to actually do a gallery with inspirational quotes using my art as a back drop. I am a man of faith and am very spiritual and philosophical…that said, I use the Bible as my reference point. I like to look at different versions of the bible to get one that talks to me in as plain of english as possible. If a quote comes to mind, I start thinking of which picture that works with. Sometimes it works in reverse….I think of a picture and try to figure out what type of quote goes with it. This first picture was the watercolor inspiring me and looking for a matching quote. In this watercolor I see a very quiet relaxing inspirational space. A very “zen” space which is often sought out for refuge from the daily grind. That train of thought led me to Psalm 62:8.

A very peaceful and serene scene!

The next step is to place the quote on the picture and pick the font. Sounds easy enough, but I need to make sure to keep the balance in the picture and that the quote doesn’t get lost and is easy to read. Again, sounds simple enough, but in a few of the oil paintings I had to “doctor” the area of the quote so the type wasn’t lost in the busyness of the background.

Next is one of my favorites. I love the picture…it’s of the mountains around North Bend, Washington. This picture definitely drove the quote. I keep reminding myself on a daily basis the power of faith and this quote comes to mind all the time! As I was painting this particular picture, all I could think of was the “faith” quote. To me it was the perfect fit.

The quote from Matthew is a very powerful statement. Again, from my perspective this watercolor and the quote are a perfect match.

The next one was a prayer of mine seeking a picture. I feel really strongly about quieting the mind so we may hear the voice of the Lord. It’s a real challenge for me frankly, because the moment I stop to quiet myself….my mind goes into overdrive. I was going through my portfolio looking for a print that speaks “quiet” to me. When I came across this scene, I was struck with the complete stillness of an early morning fog.

The next example was prayer inspired. I accept the many blessings we are given and am constantly in awe of the timing of events.  I am truly a blessed man. In one of my philosophical moments with myself, I was having this mental debate about blessings past and future….totally missing the main point…the blessings of the moment…being in the moment and appreciating what you have at this point in time. I remembered this sunset watercolor and found a fit.

The last example was a picture looking for a quote. I love this watercolor. The lighting on the docks by each boat always draws my eye in to see if anyone is coming or going. I found what I was looking for in Psalm 143:8.

Thanks for letting me share as I open a new gallery. I invite you to check out the rest of the art prints in my Inspiration Gallery and as always invite you to explore my main web gallery: The Wall Gallery.