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Winter Wonderland – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

I was blessed with a great photo opportunity during the holidays. We were in Seattle for Christmas weekend and on Christmas Eve it started to snow. What makes it even more spectacular than just the beauty of a white Christmas is that Seattle may get a snow or two during the winter months, but typically it is just cold rain. So, we were able to enjoy one of their infrequent snows and it started on Christmas Eve and lasted into Christmas morning. Yes, it was one of those peaceful snows with big fluffy flakes….really stunning. I haven’t personally experienced that at Christmas since our days in Denver almost 30 years ago.

We spent Christmas day with our son-in-laws family. They live on the outskirts of Seattle with lots of forest land around their neighborhood. Always traveling with my camera, my son-in-law and I went for a hike where I took the attached shots.

This first shot is the trail we hiked.

Couldn’t resist this capture with the snow covered branches arching over the trail.

We entered a clearing where I captured this lone tree all covered in snow.

Just loved the look of the trees….

Stunning was all I could think of……truly a winter wonderland!!

As we came back into the neighborhood we saw families and their children taking advantage of this opportunity….notice the wise mom positioned in front of the pond to prevent anyone from getting to close and personal with the water. Love it!!

Believe it or not, all of this was gone within two days…by the time we flew out it had all melted. The day after we left another storm moved in with lots of rain (the typical). Timing is everything!!  Thoughts?

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