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The Rock, Lighthouse and a Rose in Black and White

For those of you that have been following me, this post won’t be a surprise. I periodically post different captures from my black and white photography gallery with the reasons I think they stand out more using the black and white motif.

We’ll start with “The Rock”. I love this shot and showing it this way allows the detail of the rock itself to be highlighted.  The scene is unique unto itself with this huge rock structure, but it also emphasizes the white surf of the waves coming ashore.

Next is “Admiralty Head Lighthouse 2” which is located north of Seattle, Washington. By showing this in black and white, the architectural details stand out as the center of focus. The subtle lines along the lower level of the first and second floor become more obvious along with the same type of lines along the top of the tower and second floor. The window framing actually pops because it contrasts with the white stucco of the building itself, as does the roof and top of the lighthouse itself.

Admiralty Head Lighthouse 2

“The Unfolding Of Petals” is a perfect example of detail that “pops” out with the absence of color. The color photograph of this rose is stunning and no getting away from the brilliance of the color. Having said that,  I did this in black and white because the amount of detail that pops with the petals is intense,  from the actual shaping of the petals to the veining that shows on each petal.


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Pacific Northwest Lighthouses – Featured Art Prints

I am featuring four lighthouses today that are located along the Oregon and Washington Coastline. I did these art prints using a very (I emphasize the word “very”) subtle sketching and soft watercolor technique. The prints look like soft photography, but if you look closer you will see the architectural detail and landscape detail sketched to highlight it and the coloring has just a hint of watercolor blending.

These are just four of many lighthouses dotting the coastline of Oregon and Washington. I have featured them in order of south to north…north being the last one and the only one in Washington (just across the border from Oregon) of these four.

This lighthouse was a replacement for a prior lighthouse and became operational in 1894. It is located above the entrance to Winchester Bay. Wikipedia – here!

This particular lighthouse was built in Paris and shipped to Oregon. It became operational in 1873 and is located near the mouth of the Yaquina River near Newport, Oregon. Wikipedia: here.

Short, but powerful, this lighthouse became operational in 1890 and is located  near Tillamook Bay.  Wikipedia: here.

North Head Lighthouse is located in Washington just north of the Oregon border. Sitting high on a rocky promontory north of the mouth of the Columbia River and Cape Disappointment. Wikipedia: here.

I love lighthouses and try and take advantage of seeking any out in my travels. This series came from a trip my wife and I did when we lived in San Diego and decided to do a road trip to visit our youngest daughter who at the time was going to the University of Washington. We flew up to the Bay Area in Northern California and rented a car. After a brief stay in Napa Valley, we headed over to the Northern California coastline and took the coastal route up into Washington state. We visited as many along the way as we could and if you are interested in seeing more of my artistic interpretations of these and many more lighthouses visit my Lighthouse/Nautical Gallery. Thoughts?

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