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Boston Urban Images Sketched

From floral the last two weeks to architecture this week…

I have always had an appreciation of architecture having taken a number of classes related to it during my school years. Fast forward to today and I have been able to use a sketching technique that highlights the intricacies of good architecture and even street scenes that celebrate the architecture that lines them. In my opinion detail sketching is one of the best ways to display the beauty and intricacies of classic architecture. On that vein, I have attached four art prints that highlight two buildings and two street scenes in Boston!

The First One: Boston Urban Sketched

The Second One: Urban Bay Windows

The Third One: Beacon Street Sketched

And the Fourth One: Bunker Hill Sketched


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Black and White Photography – Urban Architecture

I have attached three new prints that I added to my Black and White Photography Gallery this week. The shots come from a photoshoot I did throughout downtown Denver last July (top picks from the shoot were featured in a blog post on August 2nd). Two of these were in that blog. Fast forward to a project I was working on for a client recently around “urban architecture”. Working on that project surfaced shots I took of the train platform behind Union Station that was opened in 2014. The clean sleek lines of the architecture screamed “black and white photography” to me, so I began playing with that and after whittling it down, the attached were the final result. If you are curious to see the difference between the same capture in color vs. black & white…..on the Aug.2 post “Denver 13” is “Denver Urban Transit Center” on this post and “Denver 14” is “Denver Light Rail Platform At Union Station” .


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