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Tulip Art

I wanted to share five of the art prints I created from my tulip photoshoot in April. I used a soft watercolor technique on all five prints. I certainly had a number of shots to work with and I narrowed those down to ten. After working with all ten and satisfied with what I had created, I saved them and didn’t revisit them until the end of last week. I spend so much time with each print making numerous changes, etc until I feel like I have a completed piece of art. I found over the years that by “sitting” on them for a week or two, I can view them with a lot less bias and narrow that group down to what I like the most. I go through the narrowing process a few times until I don’t see the need anymore. Having said all that, following are the final five:

Family Of Red Tulips
Soft Purple Pattern Tulips

Dark Purple Tulips Opening

Yellow Tulip Cluster

The Land Of Tulips


(on a personal note: our third grandchild entered the world this last week. He is our second grandson and arrived on the projected birth date….go figure. All are doing well!!)

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