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We Walk – Featured Art Print

I wanted to feature this print for a couple of reasons…the first is that winter definitely has a grip on large portions of the US and Canada as we head into the last week of January and the second is the verse itself.

I like this verse as it reminds me in layman’s terms to follow my gut….listen to that voice within to guide you. I can reflect back over my life and so many times I have followed that inner voice when I have needed guidance facing major choices, even when that voice was directing me to something that didn’t make sense or wasn’t the logical choice. I found that things opened up as situations I knew nothing of led to doors opening I never knew existed and if I had gone the other way (logical in my opinion), events changed to where that direction would have been a dead-end. Even when personal tragedies occurred throughout my life, that inner voice would get me to just put one foot in front of the other and keep going. We all face these issues and obstacles as we journey forward on this walk called life.

I like this reminder of faith, faith in purpose and faith in the direction that has been given to me. None of us really know what is right around the bend and we spend way too much time and energy worrying about it. The faith part keeps you focused on the present and gives you reassurance you are being kept on the right path.


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The Path

I love hiking and I have this thing with taking pictures of hiking trails. There is something about a picture of path that makes me want to know where it goes…human element of curiousity…it’s the same thing that keeps me hiking on paths over the next hill or around the next bend. I wanted to share such a picture from somewhere in the coastal forest of Washington State. In my galleries, I have taken the original picture and done it in two styles of watercolor, since watercolor painting gives the scene a softer look.

This first art print is done in what I would refer to as a traditional style of watercolor. The brush strokes are subtle and the shading gives the picture more texture and depth, yet stays true to the original picture.  Next…..

The pointillism style is just what it says…many points of color to create a picture. It renders an even softer scene and is more suggestive of the subject matter as opposed to the first one.

Thoughts? Comments?

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