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Views of COVID-19 – Across the United States

A great post from Travel Tales of Life by Sue Slaght. Sue has been posting fellow bloggers experiences with the pandemic from around the world. This week is from across the United States and she asked me to contribute from Los Angeles.

Sue Slaght – Over the past weeks we have been inviting readers from across the globe to share their COVID-19 stories. We began with views on the pandemic from Thailand, Mexico, Spain and Australia. Last week we gratefully received contributions from Chile, England, Finland and Portugal.  Although thousands of miles often separate the writers, one consistent theme rings true. COVID-19 is life altering and we as humanity battle a common foe. This week we welcome contributions from across the United States. Our heartfelt thanks to the authors of these pieces. For those that have provided links to their own blogs or social media we encourage you to visit.

Los Angeles Freeway


Views of COVID-19 – Across the United States


San Antonio River Walk – Featured Art Prints

I’m featuring four art prints this week that I created from a photo shoot I did a couple of years ago from a visit my wife and I took to San Antonio. I hadn’t been to the River Walk since I was a young adult and my wife had never been. We had business in Austin and since the two cities are only about an hour and a half apart, we took a day for me to introduce her to the infamous River Walk. From that shoot, I used a two different watercolor techniques to soften up the images.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting the River Walk, it is along the San Antonio River in downtown San Antonio. It sits about one story below street level and winds throughout the downtown area. When you descend onto the River Walk, it feels like you have just entered another world. The hustle and bustle of street traffic disappears to the quiet of a peaceful river walk lined with restaurants and shops.

The first two pictures I created using a slightly abstract watercolor technique that creates small abstract shapes to “paint” the picture. They give you a better perspective of the walkway as it winds along both sides of the river. Love the trees as they shade all of the outdoor cafes.

The last two pictures, I used a more traditional watercolor technique giving you a view of two different outdoor cafes.


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Remember The Alamo

Who doesn’t remember the legendary Alamo? Originally built as Mission San Antonio de Valero. From a contemporary artist / photograhers’ viewpoint, the architecture and grounds speak volumes. Having not been to the Alamo since I was a teenager (trust me…many moons ago), my wife and I went to the San Antonio Riverwalk and the Alamo for a day. Both are spectacular and the city of San Antonio has done an incredible job keeping the flavor of both very much alive. What struck me about the Alamo, were the details in the architecture.  I found the windows fascinating in their artistic appeal which leads me to this post.

I took a number of shots and have posted two of them here. I am starting with the original shot above and then I felt compelled to paint the wood for an artistic impact. I have received mixed feedback on doing so and thought I would open it up to more feedback. I had a vision and does this capture the punch I thought would look good or is it an artist’s delusion. Ultimately art is in the eye of the beholder and what looks good to one person looks not so good to another.  Below is the red I painted…

Simple technique to keep the woodgrain.

Below is the same window from a slightly different angle.

I then added two bright colors to the wood framing the window achieving the picture below.

What are you thoughts? Artistic pop or overkill?