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Pondering The Surf – Featured Art Print

This particular art print is something a little different from my usual norm. I typically don’t focus in on people, but in this case there was a mood element that caught my eye. The look of solitude and intense thought is what drew me to this scene of a man just standing and “pondering” the surf. To create the mood I was perceiving, I used the same technique I had used on the New Orleans series I featured last week. With that series, it complimented the old world look… in this case it helped create a subtle mood to highlight the sense of what I saw in this scene.  Because of that element, I have also used this print twice in my Inspiration Gallery with a prayer overlay on one and the Lord’s Prayer as on overlay on the other. 

Whether it’s a black and white or color photograph or one of my digitally painted art prints, my attempt is to capture a moment or a scene that invokes some type of an emotional or visual response. Thoughts? (side note: the setting for this print is a seclude beach on Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. The beach is accessed by hiking a trail that takes you up and along the cliffs of the Na Pali coastline and then down onto this beach) 

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