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God’s Grace – Featured Inspiration Art Print

Another art print recently added to the collection in my Inspiration Gallery is the attached “God’s Grace”. This is an art print done with the words as an overlay on an art print I had done using an abstract watercolor technique of Christ carrying his cross in front of an old Spanish Mission. As a Christian artist, I seek to make sure that the thought I am using is a good marriage with the art print I put it on. In this particular case, it was the art print that dictated the words. Using a statue in the yard of a chapel located in Issaquah, Washington as an inspiration, I created this watercolor. Due to the subject matter, it seemed obvious that it would make a good fit in the Inspiration Gallery, but with what words on it. I literally stared at this print for about 15 minutes really thinking about what it said to me. The words came, font was determined and positioning fell right into place. Once the words came to me, the rest went much quicker than most of the other prints. I liked the way it turned out with the subject matter, style of painting and the words.

God's Grace

God’s Grace



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I just opened a new gallery on my web site called Inspiration.  I have been creating a few of my art prints with some of my prayers and biblical quotes. I then felt moved to actually do a gallery with inspirational quotes using my art as a back drop. I am a man of faith and am very spiritual and philosophical…that said, I use the Bible as my reference point. I like to look at different versions of the bible to get one that talks to me in as plain of english as possible. If a quote comes to mind, I start thinking of which picture that works with. Sometimes it works in reverse….I think of a picture and try to figure out what type of quote goes with it. This first picture was the watercolor inspiring me and looking for a matching quote. In this watercolor I see a very quiet relaxing inspirational space. A very “zen” space which is often sought out for refuge from the daily grind. That train of thought led me to Psalm 62:8.

A very peaceful and serene scene!

The next step is to place the quote on the picture and pick the font. Sounds easy enough, but I need to make sure to keep the balance in the picture and that the quote doesn’t get lost and is easy to read. Again, sounds simple enough, but in a few of the oil paintings I had to “doctor” the area of the quote so the type wasn’t lost in the busyness of the background.

Next is one of my favorites. I love the picture…it’s of the mountains around North Bend, Washington. This picture definitely drove the quote. I keep reminding myself on a daily basis the power of faith and this quote comes to mind all the time! As I was painting this particular picture, all I could think of was the “faith” quote. To me it was the perfect fit.

The quote from Matthew is a very powerful statement. Again, from my perspective this watercolor and the quote are a perfect match.

The next one was a prayer of mine seeking a picture. I feel really strongly about quieting the mind so we may hear the voice of the Lord. It’s a real challenge for me frankly, because the moment I stop to quiet myself….my mind goes into overdrive. I was going through my portfolio looking for a print that speaks “quiet” to me. When I came across this scene, I was struck with the complete stillness of an early morning fog.

The next example was prayer inspired. I accept the many blessings we are given and am constantly in awe of the timing of events.  I am truly a blessed man. In one of my philosophical moments with myself, I was having this mental debate about blessings past and future….totally missing the main point…the blessings of the moment…being in the moment and appreciating what you have at this point in time. I remembered this sunset watercolor and found a fit.

The last example was a picture looking for a quote. I love this watercolor. The lighting on the docks by each boat always draws my eye in to see if anyone is coming or going. I found what I was looking for in Psalm 143:8.

Thanks for letting me share as I open a new gallery. I invite you to check out the rest of the art prints in my Inspiration Gallery and as always invite you to explore my main web gallery: The Wall Gallery.

The Mountain

Are you very good at setting goals or objectives for yourself? I think if you talked to most people, you would get a mixed response. Some people would think about their New Years resolutions as their goals or objectives. Sales people would talk about their monthly, quarterly or annual production goals. A business owner would talk about his business plan and level of growth he has projected for the business. Then there is the person who has carreer aspirations and sets a goal or objective of what and when they want to attain the next level of responsibility. In one way or another almost all of us set goals and objectives for ourselves. How seriously do you take your own goals and objectives? Are you paying lip service to someone or just going through the motions? How committed to them are you? What chance do you honestly give yourself in accomplishing them?

I am use to working with goals and objectives in business as that has been my entire life. So goal setting for me on many levels seems just a natural course of life. But let me ask you, If you knew that no matter what goal you set for yourself, you could attain it, would your goals change? Think about that….if you really, really believed that you could attain whatever goal or objective you set and you did…would you re-think your goals?

Ok, I’m going more spiritual here than physical, so I’m not going down the road of material wealth….I’m going down the road of our spiritual gifts and using them. I think we short change ourselves out of fear of failure. I believe God has given each of us a set of gifts unique to each of us. I would challenge each of us to devlope those gifts and put them into service. That concept leads me back to Mark 11 vs. 22 – 24 (New Century Version) “Jesus answered, “Have Faith in God. I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, fall into the Sea.’ And if you have no doubts in your mind and believe that what you say will happen, God will do it for you. So I tell you to believe that you have received the things you ask for in prayer, and God will give them to you.” and Matthew17 vs 20 –  “Jesus answered, “Because your faith is too small. I tell you the truth, if your faith is as big as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. All things will be possible for you.”

This is really a very powerful statement. Just think what we are being told. If we have faith all things are possible. Faith being the key! I’ll stop on that note because it really is worth some time to reflect, the message is that powerful. I would add as a personal side note…all my prayers are done specifically asking for “His” will to be done. Food for thought!!

"The Mountain" A watercolor fromKirt's main gallery "TheWallGallery.com"

Titled “The Mountain” by Kirt Tisdale from his “Wall Gallery



I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee on the patio the other day. It was the start of a beautiful day, the morning sun felt warm, the birds were chirping… a truly ideal setting. I love this time in the morning to pray and mediate and soak it all in. I ask for guidance through the day and for his will to be done through me as well as within me. That morning I was praying about blessings and thanking him for all the blessings in my life…great wife, three lovely daughters, great friends and the list goes on. I am truly a blessed man. As I have been struggling with a major change in our lives, I have been particularly tuned into daily blessings. Note my comment above; “and the list goes”….when you truly think about the actual blessings we each receive daily and in our lives, they are numerous. It seems to me that those times in our lives when we are in a life changing situation, we grow spiritually from it if we allow ourselves to seek guidance and keep the faith. On this articular morning, I was praying to have God help me recognize a blessing from that day….I wanted awareness so I would not overlook it. As the prayer processed in my head, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the spirit touching me and saying….this is the blessing you wanted to recognize today…it is your life today…it is your life in this moment…rejoice and celebrate. I knew the voice wasn’t just talking about the garden, birds and morning sun, but all of it and my life in each moment. We spend so much of our time dwelling on the past and stewing about the future. Intellectually I try and stay in the moment, but as a human…not always doing a great job. As I relate this simple story, I get moved all over again…enjoy the “now” whatever it is in your life…yesterday is gone and tomorrow will take care  of itself.

Landscape Gardens Gallery on Kirt's main web page.

This watercolor is titled “Sunsday Afternon”  and is located in the Landscape Gardens Gallery on Kirt’s main web page.