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White Rose

In keeping with the theme of the week – floral – I wanted to share another rose print that I took into a totally different direction than my last one. This one is a white rose bloom (same location that the red rose was taken – a public garden in Portland, Oregon). Again, the original photograph stands on its own as I have it listed as an art print in my Color Photography Gallery. I wanted to add a different dimension, so I did the white rose bloom as a watercolor drawing. The drawing adds an abstract look suggesting the rose shape and the watercolor painting softens the final piece. Below is the original version…

…and this is the watercolor version:

Thoughts? Comments?

The White Rose photograph came from my Color Photography Gallery and the Watercolor Rose art print came from my Floral/Still Life Gallery.   Follow my work on my Facebook page – TheWallGallery by Kirt Tisdale. (Page likes are always appreciated!) Thanks!