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“The Wheel and The Fence” Featured Art Prints

When I am out on photo shoots, I have a general idea what I’m looking for. Sometimes I find it, sometimes what I am seeing leads me down another path. I truly never decide what I am going to do with the photography I have captured until I have reviewed all shots on my computer. When I scrutinize each shot, I start narrowing the field of shots that are worth keeping, need cropping or trashed. During this process, I usually get a feel for what type of final product the shot would look best as. I may keep the shot as is and put it into my Color Photography Gallery, change it to a black and white photograph or create a painted art print in either a watercolor technique or oil technique. Occasionally I look at some of my shots and determine they would look great in a variety of final art prints depending on what ultimate decor someone is working with. “The Wheel and The Fence” is one of those shots. The scene is an old wagon wheel propped up in front of fence on a farm. The capture is from a shoot I did over a year ago in the Amana Colonies which are located in Eastern Iowa. I was out looking for farms, barns and rural scenes that particular day. I ended up with a number of great prints from that venture.

So my first attachment of this shot is done in a sepia tone, creating an old historic “wild west” feel to the print.

I also thought this would look good as a watercolor, a little more soft and subtle creating a traditional look.

And then taking it into an oil painting using earth tones and strong brush strokes, creating an “old world” classic style of print.

Depending upon your taste and interior decor, each style brings a different look to the same scene.

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“The Barn and the Water Pump” The Art Print of the Week

“The Barn and the Water Pump” is from my Architecture Gallery.  The setting is a barn in the Amana Colonies, Iowa during mid winter. The barn itself is very large with stables just to the left of this viewpoint. I chose this particular shot because it highlights the weathered look of the building and the subtleness of an old water pump in the foreground of the scene. I Love the water pump, it just seemed to make the picture. I tried a variety of painting techniques, but for the look I wanted settled on the watercolor style. It adds softness, yet highlights the rustic look.     Enjoy!

Source: Architecture Gallery

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