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Heritage Square; Phoenix, Arizona – Excerpts From A Photo Shoot

My oldest daughter and her husband live near us here in Arizona. She teaches and has been out on break for the summer. She has always had a love of photography and will periodically give me a call and suggest a photo shoot somewhere in the Phoenix area that she has been researching. She wanted to get together and do a shoot before she headed back to the classroom and her students. This go around, she picked Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix. Neither of us had been there and it sounded like a great opportunity.

Heritage Square is located on block 14 of the original townsite of Phoenix. The crowning jewel is the restored Rosson House Museum. The square celebrates the city’s striking Victorian past with restored homes and buildings of that era, some housing award-winning restaurants, others museums. The square also adjoins Science Park, home of Arizona Science Center.

The first shot was my suggestion to help her work with depth of field through aperture setting and shutter speed. The setting is between two of the restored homes looking towards the Rosson House.

Heritage Square 1

Heritage Square – Phoenix, Arizona

This second capture grabbed my attention because of the wrap around porch, typical for this style of home in this era.

Heritage Square, Phoenix, Arizona,

Heritage Square – Phoenix, Arizona

And of course what type of a reminder of the era would be complete without the carriage parked in front of the carriage house for the Rosson mansion.

Heritage Square, Arizona

Heritage Square – Phoenix, Arizona

My last two shots are of the Rosson House Museum. The home has been completely restored including furnishings true to the era.

Heritage Square, Phoenix, Arizona

Heritage Square – Phoenix, Arizona

Heritage Square, Phoenix, Arizona

Heritage Square – Phoenix, Arizona

Beautifully done, the square is a great addition to downtown as it celebrates the history of what we know today as modern day Phoenix. Many of you might not be aware of the history of Phoenix. The region has hosted many nomadic tribes dating back to 9,000 BC, but was actually settled in about 1 AD for agriculture. A canal system was developed within the first 500 years enabling agriculture to flourish. Agriculture today is still one of the major industries throughout the surrounding desert. For detailed information; Wikipedia, History of Phoenix, Arizona.


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