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Same Roadside Cafe – Three Art Presentations

Every time I capture an image that I think would look good in a painted type format (digitally created), I usually try a few different versions to determine what presentation looks best. Each style creates a completely different look of the same subject matter. As an example I have attached three styles I used on a roadside cafe in New England.

The first example is a very subtle impasto style. Usually with the impasto style the brush strokes are bold a colorful. In this case, I toned the brush strokes down to a very subtle look.

In this next version I went with an old world “Gothic” style, which stays with strong earth tones.

The last example is a fauvism style, which creates abstract oriented shapes and surreal colors.

Same setting, completely three different looks. You may or may not like any of the looks which is ok…art is interpreted by the viewer and we all have different tastes. From my perspective I try to narrow it down to the presentation I think tells the best story and sometimes I simply can’t narrow it down to just one as I like the presentations each style presents.


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