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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My post this week is four captures for a trip we took last weekend to the Seattle area. Our youngest daughter and her husband both are turning 30 this month and we wanted to help them celebrate. Love going up there as our oldest daughter and her husband live just north of Seattle, so we get to see all of them whenever we go up!

As part of the long weekend, we took a ferry from downtown over to Bainbridge Island for lunch at a restaurant my son-in-law loves. The rain was off and on and I’m not going to lie….it was dang chilly for us Southern California babies. The four of us were sitting inside talking as the ferry lined up to pull into dock. As the ferry turned something outside caught my eye and of course I grabbed my camera and headed out.

This first capture is the town from the front deck as I worked my way around the boat to capture what caught my eye….

Bainbridge Island 1

as I got around to the side deck, I snapped this next capture.

Bainbridge Island 2

The next shot was the front deck to where I was headed and you can see what had caught my eye.

Bainbridge Island 3

I think this last capture says it all….just enough rain and sun for a full rainbow.

Bainbridge Island 4

My best to everyone….stay well!!


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