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Mukilteo Lighthouse – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

I think it is so important to listen to that little voice in your head when it shouts out to you, especially when you are doing a photo shoot and looking for good shots.  For me it typically is out of the corner of my eye and the voice makes me stop and re-look again for a full view. This time the scene was in full view, but I was comfortably seated in a car on a ferry and didn’t want to fight the elements.

Last month when we were up in the Seattle area, we took a day for me to go around the Puget Sound and do a photo shoot of lighthouses. I have photographed most of the lighthouses from Northern California through Oregon into Southern Washington, but none around the Puget Sound.  What a great day. My daughter and her boyfriend hosted the event so all my wife and I had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. The weather was a complete mix of beautiful sunshine to pouring rain. Loved it!!

We started in the Seattle area and worked our way north before returning south again. I will feature a couple more over the next few weeks, but wanted to start with our last one, the Mukilteo Lighthouse. You never know when and where opportunity will come for some great shots, so always listen to that little voice in your head.

We had just been on Widbey Island and were taking a ferry back to the mainland, which happens to be Mukilteo, Washington. The ferry ride wasn’t very long, so most people stayed in their cars, as did we. We were the third car back from the front to drive off and had a great view out the front. That great view became of the rain and water and then pouring rain, wind and water. Frankly we couldn’t see any land until we got close to docking.  As we pulled into the little harbor, I saw the lighthouse and realized that we were going to be docking right next door. Something in my head said get out and take shots now. I then had this quick internal discussion between weather and comfort, but I trust the voice, so got out of the car and went closer to the opening. This is where I remind you wind was blowing the rain into the ferry and the boat was making its final turns and lurches preparing to dock. I knew I wouldn’t have much time, so I just went for it. I am so glad I did…my best shots were from the ferry as it was coming along side of the lighthouse. The perspective I got from that angle was so different than from the landside. (Please note: none of these shots have been cleaned up or cropped…. you are seeing them as they as they are…for final presentation I will level some out and crop for composition)

Mukilteo Lighthouse 1

Mukilteo Lighthouse 1

This is part of the series I took on the ferry showing the two caretakers homes and the lighthouse in the middle.

Mukilteo Lighthouse 2

Mukilteo Lighthouse 2

This one is a little closer showing the one caretaker home and the lighthouse. Notice the blur of ferry portal wall on the lower left side and the slight angle of the shot needing straightened…back to my comment about not having cropped these shots yet.

Mukilteo Lighthouse 3

Mukilteo Lighthouse 3

I used a little zoom as we started docking and caught the light just as it was shining on us.

As we drove off the ferry and pulled into the parking lot for the lighthouse, the heavens opened even more. I told everyone that I thought I got some good shots and lets not worry about it. My daughter’s boyfriend wasn’t having any of it…he got the umbrella and said let’s do it…I’ll cover you. My wife and daughter at this point weren’t leaving the warm dry comfort of the car.

Mukilteo Lighthouse 4

Mukilteo Lighthouse 4

So here we are two guys with one umbrella and a camera running around the grounds of the lighthouse and caretakers cottages getting some good shots in the pouring rain. In this shot, you can see the ferry in the background. The thing that amazed me the most was the size of the lighthouse; it looks like a dollhouse. I didn’t realize it when I was shooting from the ferry, because the other two buildings were seen at such an angle with the lighthouse it all looked as one. I did get some good shots with my umbrella assistant, but really like the others more. Reinforced lesson; always listen to that little voice in your head. Thoughts?

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“The Wheel and The Ferry” – Art Print of the Week

“The Wheel and The Ferry” The Art Print of the Week

I updated my Black and White Photography 1 Gallery  this week and the art print of the week is one of the new additions. This print is of the Seattle Great Wheel located at the end of a pier along the waterfront in downtown. In the back ground is one of the many ferries that run from across the Puget Sound connecting places like Bainbridge Island and Bremerton to downtown Seattle. Although the actual day was sunny with high clouds, I chose to publish this shot in black and white to create the perceived Seattle mood. Visit the gallery for other art prints of the Seattle Great Wheel and much more…

source: Black and White Photography 1 Gallery

The Wheel and The Ferry

The Wheel and The Ferry

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A Photo Shoot: The Olympic Peninsula

Last week I posted some of the results from my photo shoot on the waterfront in downtown Seattle. My focus was the Seattle Great Wheel and I was very pleased with a number of the shots that I got. This week I wanted to post a few shots from that same photo shoot, but these shots are a series I captured by my wife politely nudging me to turn around and pull out my telephoto lens. When I did turn around, I wasn’t so sure but changed lenses and began to shoot. I am so glad I did. The first picture is to give a reference point of the location I was standing….waterfront, downtown Seattle.

The Waterfront in Downtown Seattle

The Waterfront in Downtown Seattle

I am standing on a pier and by simply turning around and pointing the camera (with the telephoto lens) across the Puget Sound, I got the following pictures.

Bainbridge Island in the foreground….

Bainbridge Island in the foreground across Puget Sound.

Bainbridge Island still in the in the foreground.

DSC_0197bThis shot includes the Seattle side of the water with the sail boats docked to the north of downtown region.

The visual impact of the Olympic Range is definitely heightened by the use of the telephoto lens, but does remind us of the incredible beauty that sits just to the west of the Seattle area between the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean.

As I work through the shoot and evaluate what I have, some of the shots will find themselves transformed into paintings and black and white photography, while others will stay color photographs.

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