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Red Peppers – Featured Art Print from my Color Photography Collection

The art print I wanted to feature today is from my Color Photography Collection titled “Red Peppers”.  The print is a color photograph of a red pepper plant growing in a garden.

I would love to take credit for this healthy plant of peppers, but I found this in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. It was February and we were there for the Chihuly Exhibit as I have talked about in previous posts. We were in the gardening area where they display the type of plants that are native to this area and how to grow them. Part of this exhibit covers vegetable gardening for warm season harvest. The red peppers were ready for harvest.

Having grown up in Iowa and living in Denver for a number of years, I am familiar with the pattern of growing flowers and vegetables in a four season climate. My wife and I also lived in San Diego for 24 years, so I am familiar with warm weather year around and understand the ebb and flow of plant cycles in that environment. Phoenix offers a new challenge with the extreme heat of summer and timing your vegetables around that time frame. I found it very interesting as I love plants and always have some type of garden.

That was the horticultural aspect of the red pepper, but frankly from a photographer’s standpoint, I was more interested in the esthetics. The first thing that caught me eye was the obvious…red!! In a sea of vegetables, the red stood out. The second thing that caught me eye was the subtle lighting of the red peppers. The challenge I had in getting this shot was that the plant was located right by the sidewalk and this part of the garden had a traffic jam of people crowding the walkway. Stopping to shoot was not something I could give much time to with the limited space and number of people. I took about five shots as quickly as I could and then cropped the results into this final photograph. Thoughts?

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“Green” The Art Print of The Week

“Green” is from my Gardens Gallery.  The setting is a vine growing up a moss-covered tree deep in the Pacific Northwest Woods. This art print is one of 39 new works added to the Garden Gallery collection this week. I chose this particular print to highlight because the amount of green is an obvious, but the subtleness of the vine and moss pulls the eye into the picture creating that moment of “what exactly is this?”. I used a painting technique with large prominent brush strokes. They add a texture that gives more depth to an all green print!     Enjoy!

Source: Gardens Gallery

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The Gothic Rose

One of the newest art prints that I have added to my Foral/Still Life Gallery is a rose done in a gothic oil style painting. I was actually surprised at the final result. I like the gothic oil style for the earth tone colors and the strong brush strokes. This style of art works in numerous decors. All of that said, I was curious on how a rose would look. We typically use this colorful flower in either photographs or watercolors to keep the vibrancy of the colors forefront. So, let’s look at the original picture. Onto itself, the original photograph is a beautiful capture of a red rose. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. (To give credit where credit is due, the rose is not home grown….I took the picture at a public garden in Portland, Oregon.)

So, from that to this. It creates a totally different look, a classic and simple elegance in deep earthen tones.

Thoughts? Comments?

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