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Pittock Mansion – Portland Oregon

Following last weeks post of architectural elements, I’m staying with the subject matter this week, but in photography. I was going back through some older files this week working on another project and that led me to a number of photoshoots I did in 2009. I resurfaced these particular captures and realized I had never done anything with them. For someone who especially loves historic architectural elements, I surprised myself. I’ll have to work on that, but for now I wanted to share a few of the shots I took of Pittock Mansion in Portland Oregon. I love the history behind this property and encourage you to check out this link (History – Pittock Mansion) or the links under each of the captures for the fascinating history behind the building of the mansion and the history of it to present day. The property sits on top of a hill overlooking downtown Portland and the Willamette River. On a clear day the view also affords you a centered shot of Mt. Hood in the distance.

We’ll start with a shot of approaching the front of the house via a circular type driveway.

Pittock Mansion 1

Approaching up the driveway to the left….

Pittock Mansion 2

Now the front entrance to the mansion….

Pittock Mansion 3

Next I’m taking you to the very back side of the house. It’s important to note that the backside faces the incredible view as I described above and did I take any shots of that awesome view. Heck no, I was too focused on the mansion and kept shooting different angles as I moseyed around the entire structure. Ugh!! That said, on the web site they did have pictures of the view.

Pittock Mansion 4

As we were leaving the property I did take this final shot highlighting the beauty of the landscaping with flowers.

Pittock Mansion 5


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