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Southern Colonial Home – Featured Art Print

My featured Art Print this week is “Southern Colonial Home” done in black and white from my Black and White Sketches Gallery.

I love the architecture of old southern homes, the intricate lines and shapes. What better way to accent those elements than a sketching technique that focuses on those features. I worked to make sure that there was almost an overload of detail in this print. I wanted the final product to not just be a representation of the elegance of southern colonial architecture, but to pull out the intricacies of this style and the setting itself. Notice the detail in the leaves and the plants that dominate the front yard of this southern belle. This particular scene is from New Orleans, Louisiana. The house is located on a tree-lined street that faces a boulevard. The street has large classic southern mansions lining both sides. A black and white sketch allows for the lines and contrasts to dominate the final print without the distraction of color. The remaining question is: “Did I do this southern colonial home justice?” Thoughts?



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“Desert Botanical Garden – Chihuly Exhibit” Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

As a follow-up to last weeks photo excerpt post, I have attached three more shots from the Chihuly Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden here in Phoenix. I can’t help but admire the creativity in arranging these incredible pieces of art within the desert landscape.  The first picture is a surprise because it is nestled in the reeds of a pond and not as open and obvious. The second picture demands center stage with its brilliance and the third represents the range in color of the displays. Enjoy!

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“Desert Botanical Garden” Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

My wife and I went to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix last week to check out the Chihuly  Exhibit. We have seen the Chihuly Exhibit at the Seattle Center, but wanted to see what his work would look like scattered amongst desert plantings. The first shot is in the garden giving you a feel for the surrounding environment. The garden is situated in such a way, you forget you are in a metropolitan area of over 4 million people.  Within the garden, I included two shots of Chihuly glass work amongst the desert flora and fauna. The contrast between his bright-colored displays and the plants were amazing. The displays are also lit up at night which we have seen pictures of and that creates an entirely different experience. The work is stunning both day and night. Enjoy!!

Desert Botanical Garden 1

Desert Botanical Garden 1

Desert Botanical Garden 2

Desert Botanical Garden 2

Desert Botanical Garden 3

Desert Botanical Garden 3

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A Photo Shoot “Frozen Waterfall”

With record temperature cold across most of the US, this photo shoot seemed appropriate. While not from the current cold snap, but an early December cold snap hitting the Seattle area, I took the next three pictures while hiking near where we lived just before sunset. The setting is a very tall rock/dirt cliff next to the trail I was hiking on. For those of you that follow my blog, it was the same hike where I captured the moss covered wall. Because of the amount of rain the Seattle area gets, the ground is always full of moisture.  The waterfall in mention is ground water running down the face of the cliff.

Frozen Waterfall

Frozen Waterfall

A closer look…..

Frozen Waterfall Close Up

Frozen Waterfall Close Up

This last shot I thought was interesting in that these icicles were formed from water seeping out of the cliff wall….

Seeping Icicles

Seeping Icicles

Thanks for letting me share my hiking find, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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“The Mountain Ledge” The Art Print of The Week

“Mountain Ledge” The Art Print of the Week

I updated my Color Photography Gallery last week with a number of new art prints. The art print of the week is one of the new additions. This print is a shot of a “Mountain Ledge” over 1000 ft above the valley floor. I took it with my telephoto lens from what is known as Rattlesnake Ledge above North Bend, Washington. Once you have hiked up to Rattlesnake Ledge, the path continues further up to this ledge which is higher but much smaller. The view as you can tell from this picture is spectacular from either ledge. The green mountain valley and Cascade Mountains make for a perfect picture.

source: Color Photography Gallery

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Luminasia is an attraction at this years Washington State Fair.  As stated on their web site: “Don’t miss this year’s feature attraction! Luminasia has taken the traditional form of Chinese lantern making and modernized it into the 21st Century. Conceived and produced by International Special Attractions, it is an incomparable display of glowing light and color, combining high-tech material and state-of-the art lighting and production techniques.

The result is a beautiful, fun, immersive, and larger-than-life “East meets West” exhibition. Covering over two acres of outdoor space, this marvelous walk-through exhibit showcases Washington state landmarks combined with traditional Chinese icons, all glowing from within. Over 50,000 state-of-the-art bulbs are used to illuminate this fascinating spectacle.”

I wanted to share some of the photographs I took last Saturday night. My camera for the evening was my iPhone 5. I was incredibly impressed with how well it did. I haven’t decided what to do with these prints as it relates to my art gallery, but wanted to share them as the attraction is beautiful. Enjoy!


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More Sepia Prints

I added about 25 new art prints to my Sepia Gallery located in my online art gallery: The Wall Gallery.  I wanted to share a few of them here. I love the sepia look for that old world rustic appearance. As I have discussed in prior blogs, the subject matter needs to lend itself to that same ‘feel”. Sepia prints work really well in a number of decors bringing an element of age and history.

Let’s start with the first picutre which I call “Abandoned Farm“. This shot was taken near the Amana Colonies, Iowa in mid February of this year. It was one of those shots that felt good, but I wasn’t sure until I looked at the print in full size. I liked it so much, I have used this shot as a basis for a watercolor and an oil. I like the overall composition and knew it would also look great as a sepia print.

The sepia tone makes it look like it could have been taken in the 30’s or earlier.

The next shot is of old farm equipment just sitting in a field. I took the picture near North Bend, Washington while I was hiking along the Snoqualmie River. This shot was taken with the sole intent of using it as a sepia print. The subject matter lent itself perfectly.

On that same hike, I came across the next two shots and also took them with the sole intent of using them for sepia prints. The aged look and composition spoke volumes to me….

This cabin was right on the banks of the Snoqualmie River. Just a few cabins up , I came across the next shot….

(I would also like to point out that the featured picture at the top of the post came from this same area of the river bank. I enjoyed the cat trying to hide in the shadows.)

So shifting geography, a couple of other prints from the other side of the country…New England.

The first print is of a house on Martha’s Vineyard. The age and weathering of this home lends itself to the sepia tone.

And for the last sample, a large sail boat harbored in a small fishing village in Maine.

Sail boats have that timeless look, especially the larger ones.

These are just a few of the samples I added to The Sepia Gallery….the subject matter in the gallery is “rustic or historic” in appearance. See what you think. Thanks!

Sail Boats

As a follow up to last weeks post, I mentioned that I had added a number of new art prints to my Landscape Watercolor 3 Gallery. I posted a few of them and this week I am posting a few more. The watercolor prints this week are done in different style. Last week, those watercolors were based on more simple abstract drawings. This week the watercolors are done using very detailed, precise drawing and sketching. With Sail Boats as a subject matter, notice the complexity of the drawing as it pertains to the masts and the boats in general.

The first picture is from a public park at the end of a harbor in a small New England Village……

Notice the detail not only in the boats, but in the trees and the buildings within the village.

The next picture is a different angle within the same harbor….

The red maples pull the eye to the shoreline of the village, but the focal point remains the boats…..

The next print is of a sail boat along the coastal waters of New England…..

Our eye goes to the sail boat initially, then to the very large home on shore. The trees and the water frame the two focal points.

Our next print stays with the sailing along the coastal waters…..

In this print, the homes along the shore become much more of the background than the prior print and the sail boat takes center stage.

This next print continues with this same setting….

The use of detailed drawing with these watercolors change the look entirely from last weeks set. The nautical theme is augmented with the distinct detail of the environment.

The style of the print and the media used changes the entire look and feel of these pictures. Pictures are meant to enhance a decor and create a look, feel and vibe.  That look and feel is yours and there is no right or wrong in my opinion.

For these and more prints, please visit my gallery:  Landscape Watercolor 3, one of many galleries on my main web site: TheWallGallery.


Sepia Urns

I was going through some of my stock photography from a few years ago when I came across these prints. These three prints were taken on the grounds of the Kuleto Estate. The Kuleto Estate is a winery located above the Napa Valley. I highly recommend anyone going to the wine country in Northern California to schedule some time for a tour. It is by appointment only and is off the beaten path, but the grounds of the estate and their wine are both incredible and worth the effort. That said, the estate has an eclectic mix of imported  items giving it a look somewhere between Tuscany and Mexico. These shots are part of one of the main fountains. I thought the urns and iron pot lent themselves well to a sepia look.

The texture of the pot and the grapevine planted in it, make this an old world look which the sepia tones augment. This pot along with similar ones sit by the fountain. The fountain is comprised of large urns that bubble water….see next picture.

Notice the two iron pots with grape vines framing the shot. The large urns were imported for this fountain and if my memory serves me correctly, I believe it was from Mexico.

I love the texture of the pots and the sutlety of the bubbling water….you have to look close to see it  coming out of the urns.

The entire feel of the fountain is “Old World”, which I think the sepia tones highlight.

I will soon be adding these shots and a few more to my Sepia Gallery located in my main art gallery. If you like sepia tone prints, please take a look.

The Hacienda

These pictures are from a time gone by in the old Southwest.

I grabbed this shot literally on the grounds of the Alamo. What I wanted to take a look at today was how the same picture done in different media creates a completely different feel to the same subject matter.

The first picture below is the original shot I took in May on the grounds of the Alamo in San Antonio. I loved the look and the rustic appeal of this scene.

Original Photograph

Original Photograph

After cropping the shot, I worked with the picture using a variety of media to create different looks for different decors.

The picture below is the black and white shot. There are enough strong lines and contrast in this picture to make a black and white interesting. Not every shot holds up in black and white.

From the B&W Gallery in Kirt's on-line Art Gallery

From the B&W Gallery in Kirt’s main art gallery

Nice contrast and this type of looks lends itself to a modern artistic decor.

Because the subject matter is “historical, rustic and of days gone by”, I also presented it in a sepia tone. The very nature of the sepia print evokes old images since prints originally used this format.

From the Sepia Gallery in Kirt's main Art Gallery.

From the Sepia Gallery in Kirt’s main art gallery.

The sepia tones automatically give you a warmer picture, not as bold as the black and white. This print would look good in a decor that embraces earth tones and/or uses items that have an old rustic appeal.

From there, I painted the scene using a traditional watercolor approach. This gives the picture a soft relaxing look. The colors become warm and soothing…

giving you a picture that invites you in to sit and relax.  This picture would look great in a casual comfortable decor.

Then, just from my own curiosity … I also painted the scene with a bolder more abstract watercolor…

The result being a much more bolder contemporary picture. This style would bring an historical subject matter into a modern contemporary decor style.

What are your thoughts? Using the same core elements, but presenting them in different styles creates totally different looks. Each of these stands on its own and is the right picture for different decors. I welcome your feedback and as always invite you to look at my main gallery: TheWallgallery.com. Thanks!