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Ducks In The Pond

I went back to the archives this week and surfaced the attached shots I took of “ducks in a pond”. As I was looking at these shots, I was thinking what does this represent to me? Why did I originally capture these ducks? What surfaced was the contentment these birds exuded as they fed, cleaned themselves and swam together in community. There is something so peaceful about the way they swim around the serene setting of a quiet pond.

May you find that in your own life.

Ducks In A Pond 1

Ducks In A Pond 2

Ducks In A Pond 3

Ducks In A Pond 4

On a side note: I will be having knee replacement surgery this week and will be off WordPress for about a month. This is the other leg after my knee replacement surgery last August. It was originally scheduled for mid March, but we all know how that time frame changed things. Be well…be safe!


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