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The Path

I love hiking and I have this thing with taking pictures of hiking trails. There is something about a picture of path that makes me want to know where it goes…human element of curiousity…it’s the same thing that keeps me hiking on paths over the next hill or around the next bend. I wanted to share such a picture from somewhere in the coastal forest of Washington State. In my galleries, I have taken the original picture and done it in two styles of watercolor, since watercolor painting gives the scene a softer look.

This first art print is done in what I would refer to as a traditional style of watercolor. The brush strokes are subtle and the shading gives the picture more texture and depth, yet stays true to the original picture.  Next…..

The pointillism style is just what it says…many points of color to create a picture. It renders an even softer scene and is more suggestive of the subject matter as opposed to the first one.

Thoughts? Comments?

These particular art prints came from my Landscape Watercolor Gallery.   Follow my work on my Facebook page – TheWallGallery by Kirt Tisdale. (Page likes are always appreciated!) Thanks!

Abstract Oil Painting

Most of the work I have posted here has revolved around my photography or landscape watercolors. Kind of quiet and serene. Once in a while you just have to shake it up. This week I’m talking about my abstract art gallery. I just updated my abstract oil gallery with about 15 new prints.

I have an affinity for abstract art. I am drawn to the texture, shapes and colors. In looking at my own art, I am always thinking…what decor would that look good in. I can visualize the landscape watercolors with a certain matting and frame color to bring out the best in the look. In a lot of our rooms we look for soothing earth tones. There are those rooms or walls that just need a bolder accent to complete a look. I give you that abstract art has a more selected opportunity in certain decors. That said, I am seeing more of abstract art used in traditional decors to give a wall or a room, a bold accent. The art itself does serve that purpose.

I’ve attached one of the prints I just added to the gallery. A bright splash of red with bold brush strokes. This piece would make a great focal point to a wall and a room. The red is a great accent color for almost any room and gives you the red needed in feng shui.

I am fortunate that I have family and friends that like my work and I have seen some of my abstracts matted and framed in their houses. The typical selection is white matting with modern black frames. That seems to work in a number of different types of rooms and allows the piece to stand on it’s own. A lot of abstract art also looks great on canvas. With the ability to print almost any art piece on paper or canvas it widens the possibilities depending on the look you are seeking.

I’d love to get some feedback on abstract art in general, this print or any in my gallery. Thanks!