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New Orleans – Two Featured Art Prints

I did my New Orleans series years ago (before Katrina…yes that long ago) and chose a gothic oil technique for the entire series. This technique focuses on bold brush strokes and earth tone colors creating an old world look. This type of style compliments the “old world” atmosphere of the French Quarters. Whether it’s just people watching, enjoying the architecture of the area or the great food, there is always something to do in the Big Easy. From that series, I am highlighting two of my favorites, New Orleans Cafe and Balcony Cafe. These two seem to always get purchased as pairs as they do compliment each other very well. Thoughts?

I invite you to stop in and browse through the rest of the New Orleans collection. The series is located within my Street Scenes/People Gallery.

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“Morning Coffee” The Art Print of the Week

“Morning Coffee” is from my Street Scenes/People Gallery. It’s one of the new art prints I added to this gallery last week.  A typical outdoor coffee shop where friends gather for their morning cup and conversation. I did this particular print in a gothic oil style to create those warm earth tones and old world feel. All of the painting effects are digital and take a lot of layering and filtering to get the proper brush strokes, color hues and lighting. I start with a photograph and decide what I want to do with it. In this case I played with the gothic oil style and liked the end result.

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

source: The Street Scenes/People Gallery

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