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Covered Bridges: Exterior and Interior

Today I’m sharing three prints of covered bridges. The first two showing exterior aspects and the third one interior. We see so many captures and prints of covered bridges showing the exterior which I clearly understand from an architectural aspect…they are beautiful structures. I have shared a number of my own prints on this blog in various forms of painting styles. Today I’m sharing three different bridges where I used a more abstract watercolor technique (sharper lines and distinct borders).

All of these prints are covered bridges located in the south central portion of Oregon where off the beaten path you can find numerous covered bridges. I’ll start with the Neal Lane bridge. The viewpoint of the art print shows the perspective highlighting the shortness of the bridge.

Short Covered Bridge

Next up is the Stewart Bridge. This bridge is slightly longer than the prior one and doesn’t have any windows as many of them do.

Stewart Bridge

And then the third one is the interior perspective of the Grave Creek Bridge. The amount of windows and the openness of the interior really caught my eye.

Inside a Covered Bridge

Thoughts? As I have said before, everyone reacts to visual art techniques and looks differently, so I am not in the least offended by opinions. 

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Oregon Covered Bridges In Watercolor – Featured Art Prints

The wall art prints I wanted to feature this week is a series I just added to my Architecture Gallery. It’s of covered bridges in Oregon that  I created using a soft watercolor technique. I have featured these bridges in prior posts, Sepia Prints, Covered Bridges Oregon Style and Covered Bridge Featured Art Print. They all stem from a March 2013 photo shoot of covered bridges in the south and central portions of Oregon. I love the look of covered bridges and the variety of ways in which they can be presented. It took me until last month to create a soft watercolor look using the captures from the photo shoot as an inspiration.

The first one is called Covered Bridge In Watercolor. This is a rendition of the Neal Lane covered bridge. It is actually a very short covered bridge spanning a small creek.

The second one I’ve titled Covered Bridge With Red Roof, for obvious reasons. This particular bridge isn’t used for vehicular traffic anymore, but sits as a reminder of days gone by.

The third print is titled Stewart Bridge in Watercolor. This particular bridge also doesn’t carry vehicular traffic, but sits right next to a modern bridge that was built to carry highway traffic.

The fourth print is called Grave Creek Covered Bridge In Watercolor. This bridge is still in use as part of a paved highway.

I like the look of these prints using these historic landmarks. Thoughts?

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