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Father And Son Walk The Beach

In keeping with the theme over the last few weeks from my posts (peace and tranquility), I’ve added an additional element this week…human interaction. This type of human interaction is rooted in love and trust. The art print depicts a father and son walking on an otherwise empty beach with the beauty of the ocean in front of them. What I see is a bonding moment between a parent and their child. The conversation can be intimate and personal as they share the beach with no one else.

In creating this scene, the focal point is the two people in the lower bottom right. Typically your focal point is more centered, but I wanted the the ocean and beach to set a mood or tone for the overall look. To create the focal point I used black as a stark contrast to the rest of the scene. In the foreground as a row of black pulling the eye down. I envisioned this as the top of bluff overlooking the setting. Pulling your eye down you can’t help but go over to the right and see what I am calling the father and son.

Since this is an abstract work, to heighten the awareness of the ocean, I added sailboats in a slightly darker shade of blue so as not to become the focal point, but to solidify the setting. I envisioned a walk on the beach just after sundown, with light coming from a break in the approaching clouds (potentially fog or a marine layer rolling ashore).


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