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A Photo Shoot: The Olympic Peninsula

Last week I posted some of the results from my photo shoot on the waterfront in downtown Seattle. My focus was the Seattle Great Wheel and I was very pleased with a number of the shots that I got. This week I wanted to post a few shots from that same photo shoot, but these shots are a series I captured by my wife politely nudging me to turn around and pull out my telephoto lens. When I did turn around, I wasn’t so sure but changed lenses and began to shoot. I am so glad I did. The first picture is to give a reference point of the location I was standing….waterfront, downtown Seattle.

The Waterfront in Downtown Seattle

The Waterfront in Downtown Seattle

I am standing on a pier and by simply turning around and pointing the camera (with the telephoto lens) across the Puget Sound, I got the following pictures.

Bainbridge Island in the foreground….

Bainbridge Island in the foreground across Puget Sound.

Bainbridge Island still in the in the foreground.

DSC_0197bThis shot includes the Seattle side of the water with the sail boats docked to the north of downtown region.

The visual impact of the Olympic Range is definitely heightened by the use of the telephoto lens, but does remind us of the incredible beauty that sits just to the west of the Seattle area between the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean.

As I work through the shoot and evaluate what I have, some of the shots will find themselves transformed into paintings and black and white photography, while others will stay color photographs.

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