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Forest Sunlight on Moss Covered Boulders – Excerpts From a Photo Shoot

The attached photographs are from a hiking trail near North Bend, Washington. The trail is called Lil Si and is just 4.1 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1300 ft. It’s a beautiful trail through some very dense forest vegetation. When I came across these moss-covered boulders with the sunlight coming through the canopy, the term “photo shoot” sang out to me.

The first shot is the trail itself. Notice the sun shining on the boulder at the top portion of the frame….this was the first indication of what I was about to see up ahead.

For this next shot, I zoomed in on the moss-covered rock from the first picture.

The rest of the moss-covered rock captures were all taken within feet of each other. It was truly a stunning scene.


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“The Mountain Ledge” The Art Print of The Week

“Mountain Ledge” The Art Print of the Week

I updated my Color Photography Gallery last week with a number of new art prints. The art print of the week is one of the new additions. This print is a shot of a “Mountain Ledge” over 1000 ft above the valley floor. I took it with my telephoto lens from what is known as Rattlesnake Ledge above North Bend, Washington. Once you have hiked up to Rattlesnake Ledge, the path continues further up to this ledge which is higher but much smaller. The view as you can tell from this picture is spectacular from either ledge. The green mountain valley and Cascade Mountains make for a perfect picture.

source: Color Photography Gallery

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