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Gothic Style Art Prints – That Old World Look

Within most of my art galleries you will see this style of art print. It’s created using a digital technique that uses deep earth tones for color…..lots of brown hues. I got hooked on this style when I saw it used in an old historic mansion from the 1920’s. This style was used to create a warm and old world look. I have featured it before, but have attached some prints that represent different geographies in North America.

We’ll start in a New England village on the east coast with a scene of a village street using the gothic style.

Back Streets

We head south to New Orleans for the next couple of prints.

Gothic New Orleans

St Charles Line Two

And then up to Whistler, British Columbia for the final one.

Elderly Couple

So even completely changing the subject matter, doesn’t really change that old world feeling because of the style and color hues used.

Thoughts? As I have said before, everyone reacts to visual art techniques and looks differently, so I am not in the least offended by opinions. 

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The Village Shops – Featured Art Print

The art print I wanted to feature today is from my Street Scenes/People Collection titled “Village Shops”.  The print is of a New England village street with shops lining the sidewalk. I used a fauvism oil technique to create this abstract and brightly colored rendition of this typical New England setting.

I love the look of old New England villages with their streets lined with shops and cafes. The roads are narrow and the architecture quaint and inviting. Since I am always trying to capture a moment that will speak to a viewer, I like the aspect of this setting. We have just enough street and buildings to create the overall scene. The other elements to finish the look are the trees, lampposts and of course, people. I love the bright colors and abstract painting as it creates an upbeat feel to the print and doesn’t get lost in the detail, but has enough that the look makes sense.

I usually look at this style of art and think modern and contemporary. Yet, this style is traditional and old. Not being an interior designer, I’m clearly not the expert, but I do know what I like and how it looks. I have come to realize that the manner in which an art print is matted and framed can make a world of difference in the final presentation. Will this art print be a focal point for your wall and room or will this be a compliment to the overall look. Determining this factor will also help you decide on a print and the manner in which you matte and frame it. Thoughts?

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A Village Church – Featured Art Print

I added a number of new prints to my Landscape Watercolor Gallery and one of them is “A Village Church”. The setting for this art print is New England in the spring time. The church has a commanding view outward because it sits above most of the village. There is a lighted walkway winding its way up to the front of the church. The style of the print is a pointillism watercolor. Pointillism is a style of painting done with dots of color. By arranging the dots and shading the colors, the eye is able to see the shapes and contours the artist is portraying. The style lends itself to a softer more comfortable interior design where the art work isn’t a main focal point, but a subtle piece of the whole.

I invite you to come into the gallery to view the new additions to the collection in the Landscape Watercolor Gallery.

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Sail Boats

As a follow up to last weeks post, I mentioned that I had added a number of new art prints to my Landscape Watercolor 3 Gallery. I posted a few of them and this week I am posting a few more. The watercolor prints this week are done in different style. Last week, those watercolors were based on more simple abstract drawings. This week the watercolors are done using very detailed, precise drawing and sketching. With Sail Boats as a subject matter, notice the complexity of the drawing as it pertains to the masts and the boats in general.

The first picture is from a public park at the end of a harbor in a small New England Village……

Notice the detail not only in the boats, but in the trees and the buildings within the village.

The next picture is a different angle within the same harbor….

The red maples pull the eye to the shoreline of the village, but the focal point remains the boats…..

The next print is of a sail boat along the coastal waters of New England…..

Our eye goes to the sail boat initially, then to the very large home on shore. The trees and the water frame the two focal points.

Our next print stays with the sailing along the coastal waters…..

In this print, the homes along the shore become much more of the background than the prior print and the sail boat takes center stage.

This next print continues with this same setting….

The use of detailed drawing with these watercolors change the look entirely from last weeks set. The nautical theme is augmented with the distinct detail of the environment.

The style of the print and the media used changes the entire look and feel of these pictures. Pictures are meant to enhance a decor and create a look, feel and vibe.  That look and feel is yours and there is no right or wrong in my opinion.

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