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Calla Lily – Featured Art Print

My featured Art Print this week is “Calla Lily” done in black and white from my Black and White Photography Two Gallery.

I love the simplicity and elegance of their bloom. When we lived in San Diego, we had a couple of “groups” of calla lilies scattered throughout our flower garden area. They would bloom proficiently in the winter months with the cooler temperate climate along the coastal regains of Southern California. The winter before we moved, I had this one loner pop up in an area of the garden where I didn’t think I had any winter flowers. A small leaf popped up and then this tall elegant bloom all by itself.

I love the calla lily in black and white. It highlights the shape and purity of the white bloom. In this shot you can see great detail even down to the minor imperfections on the blossom itself. That is what I love about this particular shot. Notice also in the background, you get a hint of some sort of back drop…it’s a fence and notice there isn’t anything else…this bloom was truly standing by itself all alone. Thoughts?



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