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Love is Patient and Kind – In Memory of My Father

On a personal note, my father passed away peacefully last week after a long battle with dementia. He was just a few months shy of turning 94. He was a strong man of faith and on the onset of the disease, he knew the path he was headed down, but he never let it get him down. He was never angry or frustrated as his situation progressed. I wanted to post one of my inspirational prints as a dedication to him and his life and the way he lived and raised myself and my other three siblings. This bible verse and this print shouted out to me as it epitomizes the way he lived his life. Thank you dad for all the wonderful memories and for setting an example I try to live up to daily with my wife and children and now grandchildren.




I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee on the patio the other day. It was the start of a beautiful day, the morning sun felt warm, the birds were chirping… a truly ideal setting. I love this time in the morning to pray and mediate and soak it all in. I ask for guidance through the day and for his will to be done through me as well as within me. That morning I was praying about blessings and thanking him for all the blessings in my life…great wife, three lovely daughters, great friends and the list goes on. I am truly a blessed man. As I have been struggling with a major change in our lives, I have been particularly tuned into daily blessings. Note my comment above; “and the list goes”….when you truly think about the actual blessings we each receive daily and in our lives, they are numerous. It seems to me that those times in our lives when we are in a life changing situation, we grow spiritually from it if we allow ourselves to seek guidance and keep the faith. On this articular morning, I was praying to have God help me recognize a blessing from that day….I wanted awareness so I would not overlook it. As the prayer processed in my head, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the spirit touching me and saying….this is the blessing you wanted to recognize today…it is your life today…it is your life in this moment…rejoice and celebrate. I knew the voice wasn’t just talking about the garden, birds and morning sun, but all of it and my life in each moment. We spend so much of our time dwelling on the past and stewing about the future. Intellectually I try and stay in the moment, but as a human…not always doing a great job. As I relate this simple story, I get moved all over again…enjoy the “now” whatever it is in your life…yesterday is gone and tomorrow will take care  of itself.

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This watercolor is titled “Sunsday Afternon”  and is located in the Landscape Gardens Gallery on Kirt’s main web page.