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The Light Of Life

Lighthouses are a great symbol of guidance to safety. I’ve attached two art prints I have created of lighthouses using entirely different approaches. On both, I added the same verse which I thought fit perfectly with a lighthouse. The verse refers to the “Light of Life”, which I think of as Love, Hope, Peace and Joy. We all seek that and find comfort in these feelings. With the Christmas Season upon us, especially this year, we definitely could use as much Love as we can muster for each other and the Hope that we will conquer this pandemic sooner rather than later. Peace and Joy we all seek in our everyday lives on a daily basis. All of this is within our ability as individuals and is one of the few things we can actually control on a daily basis.

This first print, I created the lighthouse in a very abstract matter.

Light Of The World

The second print, I created using ink drawing to outline the lighthouse structure and then filled in the color with a watercolor/airbrush technique.

Whoever Follows Me

May your holiday season be filled with Love, Hope, Peace and Joy!


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The Inspirational Flamingo Family

This week I’m featuring a series of art prints I created that were inspired by a project I took on for a kids room. The series is five prints of flamingos done in an abstract style. On each of the prints I added a word of inspiration. The series has a whimsical look to brighten the day and words of inspiration to guide our way.

I’m starting with “Family”. Family represents many things to each of us. It could mean your immediate biological family or an extended family or a work family or even the family of man. We are in this together as family from our individual households to the planet as a whole.

The next one is “Faith”. We have faith that we will get through this together as family.

Next is “Hope” which springs from faith. We have hope in the best outcome or hope in a better future than the present situation.

Next in line is “Peace”. Our faith and hope lead us to a feeling of peace. Live each moment “in the moment”. There is nothing but the current moment in our lives. The past is just that and the future has not happened.

Stay focused on the present moment and enjoy our next message “Love”. Love springs eternal and connects us to each other. Love celebrates the present moment and enriches our lives. Love for ourselves and love for each other.

As the “family of man” on this planet we call earth, we have faith, hope, peace and love. May we be well and take care of each other.


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