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Out-Takes: Christmas Hiker In The Woods

From last weeks post, the picture comes from a surprise Christmas Day snow (2017) in the Seattle area. As I’ve mentioned before, when I do a photo shoot I take a plethora of shots and use only the ones that past my personal muster. That being said in picking the snow scene I wanted for last weeks post,  I was reviewing all of the shots from that shoot. I had totally forgotten about these two. My son-in-law and I came across this “hiker in the woods” . We both had a good laugh over it and to this day have no idea who or what put this hiker in place and so thoughtfully decorated him for Christmas. I mentally put them in my “out-takes file” as I wasn’t going to use them for the project I was working on. I did want to share them as I thought they were a good kick-off post for the Holiday Season.

Christmas Hiker 1

Christmas Hiker 2


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