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Serene Hidden Lake – Featured Art Print

I was looking through my galleries for something that spoke “serene summer afternoon”….as we enter August with back to school starting to be discussed…seems like summer is starting to wind down slightly. What I wanted to depict is a scene that just says…”stay awhile and enjoy the summer afternoon”.

Serene Hidden Lake is a photograph I took a few years back of Hidden Lake. Hidden Lake is located a short hike from the ski village of Whistler in British Columbia. The day was perfect as my wife, my youngest daughter and I set out on this short hike to Hidden Lake. What you don’t see in the picture is the picnic tables and benches located on this side of the lake to just sit, enjoy and take in Mother Nature. Perfect setting!!

As with most of my photography there is usually a story associated with my photo shoots. The story behind this shot is what the three of us call “The Bear Incident”. As we wrapped up our afternoon and started our hike back chatting and just enjoying each others company, we were greeted by a pack of black bears (ok it was just three) wandering onto the path not to far ahead of us. My brain started going through the do’s and don’ts of what to do when you encountered bears in this area. I remember reading don’t show fear…no sudden movements…and remove yourself as quickly and quietly from the area as you can. We all three froze at the same moment and keeping eye contact with the pack (ok…just three again)…we slowly started backing up. The bears did give us a look, but apparently didn’t think we were worthy of their time and trotted off into the woods away from us. Ok…so that’s the bear story…no large grizzly attacking us or anything like that…but did give us all a moment of “Crap…now what do we do” (Ok the word wasn’t crap, but you get the idea). Thoughts?


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