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Flamingos from the Los Angeles Zoo

In keeping with the approach from last week, I am posting a capture I took of flamingos I took in 2017 at the Los Angeles Zoo and then what I created from that using digital art techniques. The resulting two art prints are completely different in their look and style.

LA Zoo Flamingos

I created the first art print using an impasto style painting technique. This technique applies paint very thickly so that the brush strokes are prominent. I stayed with the original color pallet on this one.

Impasto Flamingo

For the second one, I used a completely different technique creating a completely different look. This look is referred to as Gothic art, a style of medieval art that developed in Northern France out of Romanesque art in the 12th century AD. The aspect of it that I used was the earthen tones that were prevalent in a lot of the gothic pieces.

Gothic Flamingo

Thoughts? As I have said before, everyone reacts to visual art techniques and looks differently, so I am not in the least offended by opinions 

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Gothic Earth Tones on Urban Architecture

Taking a complete 180 from last weeks abstract art prints, this week I’m showcasing two art prints I created using an old world gothic earth tone approach. The earth tone approach uses rich warm colors with a brownish hue. The two subjects are buildings representing both the east and the west coast of the United States. I have a love of architectural details and like presentations that capitalize on those details.

The first one is from the New England area and features a classic architectural style which works really well with a “gothic’ presentation. I love the capping to the roof lines as well as over the windows.

New England Urban

The second print is a building in downtown Seattle and I used a less traditional viewpoint of the structure by looking down on it. This perspective highlights the “corner” aspect of this buildings location. The overall architecture is more modern than the first example, but still traditional to the early part of the 20th Century. On this print the gothic style highlights not only the building, but the details from the first floor and the corner pedestrian activity.

The Downtown Corner

Each print has the same overall color tones, but present two very different buildings that in my opinion are highlighted using the gothic style.


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Old World Look to Tropical Resorts

Seems like kind of a strange thing to create art prints with an old world gothic look using current tropical resorts, but there is a method to the madness or a reason I went down this road.

A number of years ago I toured this old historic victorian mansion in a midwestern town and let me just say it was truly a very large mansion. It serves as a museum with the house furnished as it was in its’ glory years. The decor is very formal and truly stunning throughout. The surprise factor was in the basement. The original owners loved to travel to the tropics and had a large bar (almost cantina in size) decorated in an old world tropical motif. What does that mean you might ask. The furnishings, including the artwork reflected a tropical paradise, but not in bright tropical colors. The color scheme was earth tones reflecting a look you would expect from an era of old worldwide explorers. The art work was all done in a “gothic style” from the middle ages. The whole look worked really well in creating a very subdued, casual and inviting atmosphere. That look really stuck in my head all these years.

So, fast forward to current times and I have taken that same look using a “gothic” technique on scenes from various resorts we have visited over the last number of years. I attached five prints created using this technique.


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