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Frank Lloyd Wright In Abstract

This week, I’m really mixing it up and pulling two prints out from my Abstract work. In both cases, I created the art prints using an ink sketching technique and then a watercolor air brush to color it “outside the lines”. In both cases, I chose bright and somewhat surreal colors making a bold statement.

Well that’s nice Kirt, but what is the subject matter based on?? Both prints are based on a Frank Lloyd Wright house that was built in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The house is called the Meyer May House (wikipedia here). It is located in the Heritage Hills area close to downtown. The area houses a number of Victorian Mansions that are in stark contrast to this Frank Lloyd Wright design. Having said that, it is definitely not a “sore thumb” to the neighborhood, but continues a very classic and beautiful look to augment the other mansions.

This particular print focuses on a pedestal that is part of the exterior design. Using the same process, it creates a very abstract art print of one of the elements of the house.


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Meyer May House – Frank Lloyd Wright – Excerpts From A Photo Shoot

I’m going to refer back to my post from two weeks ago, titled: Heritage Hill, Grand Rapids, Michigan. In that post, I mentioned that there was a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the midst of these mega semi-Victorian mansions. Todays post takes a look at this house with seven captures I attached from a 10 minute; stop and shoot what you can, since we’re late for a holiday gathering. Unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate the tour schedule, so I literally was restricted to a quick photo shoot. The house in question is called the Meyer May House, located in Heritage Hill, Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and certainly typifies his style. The home itself was completed in 1909 and I can only imagine the talk considering the architecture of the surrounding homes. The house is true to his clean lines and simplicity accented with bold architectural details.

In the 1985 Steelcase (based in Grand Rapids), bought the home as a gift to the community. After meticulous and extensive restoration to the original structure, including interior originals and exacting duplicates, the house was open to the public in 1987. It serves as a rare opportunity to experience an original Prairie house as Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned it. More information here: Meyer May House.


The house itself sits on a corner lot. This first capture gives you a perspective for the overall look of the house with the clean lines and simplistic looking design. Please note the two red roofed porticos as a reference point in ensuing pictures. The one in the right of the picture has windows on the second story protruding over it and the one on the left side of the frame has a balcony built into the red roof.

Meyer May House - 1

Meyer May House – 1


The second capture takes you in front of the red roof with the windows protruding from the second floor.

Meyer May House - 2

Meyer May House – 2


Picture three goes back to the original shot as my next capture takes us to the other side of the house past the red roof with the balcony.

Meyer May House - 1

Meyer May House – 1


Shot number four now has the balcony on the right side of the frame and we are seeing the other side of the house (notice the art deco above the first story windows).

Meyer May House - 4

Meyer May House – 4


Capture number five walks us around the garden wall and lines up with the walkway to the front door. The art deco windows are on the left lining the walkway.

Meyer May House - 5

Meyer May House – 5


Picture number six looks at the windows and again, the walkway in the last picture is just behind the wall out of sight from this angle.

Meyer May House - 6

Meyer May House – 6


The seventh capture shows a close up of the detail around the top of the windows and……

Meyer May House - 7

Meyer May House – 7


the last capture shows the detail of a planter urn in the upper right hand corner of picture number six.

Meyer May House - architect was Frank Lloyd Wright. House is in Heritgae Hill: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Meyer May House – 8


For a look inside, please visit the website from my link above…..it truly gives you an appreciation of the beauty of his architecture and the grandeur of the house.


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