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Spring Flowers

I thought I would celebrate spring blooms this week, so I have attached four art prints I created using a watercolor technique. I included one agapanthus and three rose blooms. The agapanthus are blooming here in Southern California and the roses I have lining our front walkway are in full bloom!! Enjoy!!

The Blue Bloom
Rose Bloom In Watercolor
Red Rose Bud In Watercolor
Red Rose Bloom In Watercolor


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Dainty Red Series – Featured Art Prints – Part One

The series I am featuring today was originated by a request from one of my clients. They wanted a series of art prints for a room they were working on. The request was for “something” using the color red, floral in subject matter and simplistic in look. I would like to say I immediately envisioned exactly what that would be, but in all candor I played with a number of designs before I arrived at what ultimately became these prints. I settled on small red flower blooms on stems. The series included bouquets and singular stems. I used two different techniques to create these prints. The first technique created an abstract look that took on sharp clean lines defining the blooms and the stems. When that was finished, I then used a very subtle watercolor technique to soften the look just a bit creating the final result.

The watercolor technique creates a softening on the petals and in the background, giving the white background a hint of texture.

This particular print “Dainty Red Double Stem” has become the most popular print in my entire gallery.  For me it complimented the single stem and played into the bouquets that follow.

This print and the next were used on a wall next to each other…


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