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Autumn Foliage – Issaquah, Washington – Part Two

Part Two of Autumn Foliage…..

The Tracks

Orange Trees

Yellow Trees

More autumn colors from Issaquah, Washington. Issaquah is nestled against the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range and is an eastern suburb of Seattle. Enjoy! Thoughts?

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Fall in the Pacific Northwest

We don’t have the New England fall where hill after hill is ablaze in color, but we do get color. I have lived in the Midwest, Colorado and San Diego. I have seen fall colors in each of those areas. The midwest gets the colors New England has along their river valleys and in their towns. Brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. Colorado has brilliant yellows and golds led by the aspen trees (brilliant yellows framed by green evergreens). San Diego has spots of colors where deciduous trees have been planted in the urban areas. Spending a summer and fall in the Seattle area, I was curious how the fall colors would be. A local apologized to my wife and I because the foothills where we live don’t go vibrant like new New England and not to expect much. Well, coming from San Diego if there are more than five trees with colors…we’re good. Because there are so many pine trees naturally in the landscape of this part of the country, the brilliant colors come from the trees in urban areas that have been planted. Being a photographer and an artist, I was getting impatient for that perfect day when trees around us were at their peak and the sun would be shining…nirvana, basically. Well, not having seen the sun in two weeks (it is Seattle)….I quit waiting and hit some spots around our community for the classic fall picture taking. I wanted to share five of the photographs that I will be putting into my online gallery as well using them as basis for watercolor and oil paintings.

We live in Issaquah, Washington which is in the eastern suburbs of Seattle nestled up against the foothills of the Cascades. I was walking around town all afternoon to get these shots. The first one is a shot of a picnic table next to an abandoned set of train tracks. The picnic table is actually part of the lawn around the local chamber of commerce which is located in an old victorian home.

Picnic by the Tracks

Picnic by the Tracks

The next shot is a picnic table located on a walkway connecting the high school with downtown.

Orange Picnic

Orange Picnic

The next shot is along a boulevard in town where all of the “Big Box” stores are located. During the summer, you can’t even see the stores for all of the trees. Everything around here is built with bike paths and walking paths connecting everything.

The Orange Walk

The Orange Walk

You truly wouldn’t know that to the left of this picture on the other side of the plantings is a major freeway from downtown Seattle up into the Cascade Mountains.

The next picture was me being the crazy photographer with my tripod in the grassy medium of a busy boulevard waiting for lights to stop traffic for my shot.

Yellow Boulevard

Yellow Boulevard

And last, but not least another area of that same street where all of the vibrant reds were.

The Red Boulevard

The Red Boulevard

Thoughts? Comments?

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