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Unique Finds on a Hike – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

I’ve attached two shots from a photo shoot I did during one of my hikes in the Cascade Mountains just east of Seattle. One is a macro of a single mushroom that I almost didn’t see in the undergrowth of the forest and the other one of a rotted stump.  Both shots represent unique opportunities often overlooked in the sheer beauty of a hike in a heavily forested area.

I couldn’t have arranged the leaves and the mushroom head more perfectly if I had done it myself. This shot was along the path I was hiking and I almost didn’t see this single mushroom poking through the leaves of the surrounding undergrowth. Getting down on my knees and shooting it from a slight downward angle, framed it perfectly.

The uniqueness of this shot was not just the subject matter, but the sun shining on the rotted stump and the perspective of it in the view framed by live trees.  The visual changed dramatically just walking a few feet in either direction on the path. The sunlight caught my eye bringing this large stump into center stage. The framing of the shot with the live trees had me walking the path forwards and backwards looking for just the right alignment, which I think I found.


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Hiking Photographs

I love to hike and love photography….what a perfect combo. I wanted to share some of the pictures from hikes this summer that just got uploaded into my gallery. All of these shots are from the North Bend, Washington area. For those of you unfamiliar with where that is, it is just east of Seattle in the Cascades. North Bend sits in a valley surrounded by mountains. There are a ton of well maintained trails to fit almost any level of difficulty for hikers. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory, but I would like to comment on one in particular….the waterfall. The waterfall shots are Twin Falls and are a relatively easy hike. The only issue is, yours truly struggles with heights and this first shot was actually taken from a bridge suspended over the top of the second shot looking up-stream. Sounds easy enough, but the bridge is suspended way (did I say WAY) above the waterfall and I was leaning over the rail to frame the shot. Heights aren’t so bad when you are staring through a view finder, but they do raise their ugly head when you are done with the shot and actually look at where you are….enough said…enjoy!!!

This is the water coming from the base of the top fall fall (not visible) rushing to the waterfall pictured below

This is the water coming from the base of the very top fall  (not visible) rushing to the waterfall pictured below:

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