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The Bluffs and Surf in San Diego County

From the last two weeks of abstract coastal art prints, I thought I would keep with the same general subject (coastal and ironically same coastal area), but a completely different visual venue. This week I am featuring two of my newest prints I created using a soft watercolor style. The location is the same; the coastline of Carlsbad, California in northern San Diego County. The perspective is from the same general area but one print is looking south and the other print looking north. The San Diego coastline is beautiful all the way from the southern tip on the border to Mexico running north to Camp Pendleton and Orange County.

The perspective of the first one is looking south from Carlsbad down towards San Diego proper. The bluffs are stunning as they frame the beach and the surf.

The Bluffs And The Beach

The second print is almost liking turning around and looking north along the coastline. The bluffs are still there, but not as dramatic. The beach and the surf take your eyes up towards Oceanside and Camp Pendleton.

Ocean Surf In Carlsbad


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New England Lighthouse – Featured Art Print

The art print I wanted to feature today is from my Lighthouse/Nautical Collection titled “West Chop Lighthouse”.  The print is this lighthouse as seen from the coastal waters looking towards the coastline. It is done with a traditional watercolor technique highlighting the soft warm colors of the coastal setting. It’s springtime in New England with the sun glistening off of the water and the trees newly leafed out.

West Chop Lighthouse is located at the entrance of Vineyard Haven Harbor in Tisbury, Massachusetts on the northern tip of West Chop. The first rubble stone lighthouse and dwelling were built on the bluffs of West Chop in 1817. Facing a problem of constant erosion the lighthouse was moved back in 1830 and again in 1846. The present structure and dwelling were built in 1891. In 1976 West Chop Light became the last Martha’s Vineyard lighthouse to become automated. Today, the former light keepers dwelling serves as living quarters for the Menemsha Coast Guard Station. Since an art print represents just a moment in time, I thought the West Chop Lighthouse setting was a perfect representation of the coastal area of Martha’s Vineyard. Thoughts?

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A few years back, my wife and I did a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway from northern California through Oregon into Washington just to see the lighthouses along this stretch of scenic coastline.  The scenery was breathtaking unto itself. The lighthouses were fascinating and allowed me the opportunity to create some interesting art prints for my art website, TheWallGallery. As a photographer and artist, I love the opportunity to try and capture the essence of subjects. Sometimes it comes through in a color photograph, sometimes a black and white photograph or it takes on a life in a watercolor or oil painting. I just added some new art prints to my Lighthouse Gallery and I have attached 4 of them here. The updates were done in a sketching and watercolor technique. It adds a different dimension to the oil and watercolor prints I had already done. Take a look and let me know what you think.

I call this an estate, because the picture shows you both the lighthouse and the care takers home (and the distance between the two). The lighthouse is the Heceda Head Lighthouse.

This is the Umpqua River Lighthouse. This lighthouse replaced the original lighthouse on a higher location. It opened in 1894.

This is the Coquille River Lighthouse. Construction began in 1891, but didn’t light up until 1896. It was abandoned in 1939 by an automated beacon, but was reclaimed in 1976 by the Army Corps and Oregon State Parks.

Proud and True

Proud and True                                                                                           

This is the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. The lighthouse sits on a 200 foot cliff above the Pacific Ocean. It lit it’s lamp for the first time on December 20, 1870.

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Sail Boats

As a follow up to last weeks post, I mentioned that I had added a number of new art prints to my Landscape Watercolor 3 Gallery. I posted a few of them and this week I am posting a few more. The watercolor prints this week are done in different style. Last week, those watercolors were based on more simple abstract drawings. This week the watercolors are done using very detailed, precise drawing and sketching. With Sail Boats as a subject matter, notice the complexity of the drawing as it pertains to the masts and the boats in general.

The first picture is from a public park at the end of a harbor in a small New England Village……

Notice the detail not only in the boats, but in the trees and the buildings within the village.

The next picture is a different angle within the same harbor….

The red maples pull the eye to the shoreline of the village, but the focal point remains the boats…..

The next print is of a sail boat along the coastal waters of New England…..

Our eye goes to the sail boat initially, then to the very large home on shore. The trees and the water frame the two focal points.

Our next print stays with the sailing along the coastal waters…..

In this print, the homes along the shore become much more of the background than the prior print and the sail boat takes center stage.

This next print continues with this same setting….

The use of detailed drawing with these watercolors change the look entirely from last weeks set. The nautical theme is augmented with the distinct detail of the environment.

The style of the print and the media used changes the entire look and feel of these pictures. Pictures are meant to enhance a decor and create a look, feel and vibe.  That look and feel is yours and there is no right or wrong in my opinion.

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