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Camellia Crazy – Photoshoot

I was working with some new equipment this week and decided to test some things out with a quick photo shoot. I didn’t get any further than our front and back yard. This time of year Camellia’s are in full bloom and the house we have in Los Angeles happens to have a few mature Camellia trees. I have always admired the blooms from our daughters garden here in Los Angeles. This is the time of year they come into full bloom and they do make for great macro shots.

The first picture gives you a feel for the various stages of bloom the trees are in at this time of year. You can see buds from the formation stage through the various stages of opening up including full bloom.

Camellia One

This bloom is just opening up and as you can see is a bright red blossom. This bloom comes from a neighboring tree to the one above.

Camellia Two

From the same tree as picture number two, red blossom fully opened.

Camellia Three

A completely different tree with soft pink blooms.

Camellia Four

End of day sunlight hitting this bloom….

Camellia Five

Same late day sun, but back to the first tree which has pink and white blooms.

Camellia Six


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