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Point Loma Lighthouse – Featured Art Print

One of the art prints I wanted to feature from my Black and White Gallery 1 is the Point Loma Lighthouse (this particular shot is one of my favorites…it’s framed and hanging in my office). The Point Loma Lighthouse is situated up on tall bluff overlooking the entrance to San Diego Bay. Located in what is now Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California this facility was built in 1855 and was used until it was deactivated in 1891 (it has been replaced with a modern version on the Pacific Ocean side of Point Loma).

I like this structure as a black and white version due to the lines and contrasting colors. It allows the various shades of grey to stand out and tell a story. With certain subjects, using black and white creates age or historic feel. It simplifies the look and allows the eye to focus on the subject without having strong colors dominate the picture. In this particular print, I have also created a white matte framing the central shot. For a comparison sake, I included the original shot. From the original shot, I straightened the image (I swear I must stand crooked), cropped it down and then converted to back and white.

In the original notice the weathered copper of the top and the deep blue sky against the white stucco. Nothing wrong with that, but I was after the shape and feel of history.  Thoughts?

Point Loma Lighthouse Color

Point Loma Lighthouse Color


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