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The Many Looks of A Banana Plant

As a digital artist most of my work starts with a photograph and I thought it would be interesting to share an example of a variety of styles from one capture.

The first picture is the original photograph. I captured a shot of one of the banana plants in our backyard at that time. Just a quick shot, but I already had an idea of a number of ways to turn this into a variety of art styles. The shot is very simple and includes imperfect leaves, but creates a nice template for me to work with.

Original Photograph

The next art print was created using a subtle abstract watercolor technique. I chose to keep the look of the imperfect leaves to give it that “live, realistic” look.

Ornamental Banana Plant

A completely different look was created when I used a fauvism technique. This technique follows that style with strong colors and slightly abstract shapes and presentation. Same plant, completely different look.

Abstract Banana Plant

The next approach was back to a subtle watercolor approach, but with the background eliminated focusing the eye on the plant itself. Again, I left in the imperfect leaves.

Banana Plant

Then for the final look, a complete departure from any of the prints above. This style is a gothic look using just earth tones and that old world presentation. This particular look is very specific to a decorating style and creates a totally different visual experience.

Tropical Leaves

The good news for me is that everyone has different tastes and as an artist I take absolutely no offense to someones likes and dislikes. I try and create what I find interesting presentations of subject matters and just wanted to share an example of one of the processes I use to create my art prints.


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Red Peppers – Featured Art Print from my Color Photography Collection

The art print I wanted to feature today is from my Color Photography Collection titled “Red Peppers”.  The print is a color photograph of a red pepper plant growing in a garden.

I would love to take credit for this healthy plant of peppers, but I found this in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. It was February and we were there for the Chihuly Exhibit as I have talked about in previous posts. We were in the gardening area where they display the type of plants that are native to this area and how to grow them. Part of this exhibit covers vegetable gardening for warm season harvest. The red peppers were ready for harvest.

Having grown up in Iowa and living in Denver for a number of years, I am familiar with the pattern of growing flowers and vegetables in a four season climate. My wife and I also lived in San Diego for 24 years, so I am familiar with warm weather year around and understand the ebb and flow of plant cycles in that environment. Phoenix offers a new challenge with the extreme heat of summer and timing your vegetables around that time frame. I found it very interesting as I love plants and always have some type of garden.

That was the horticultural aspect of the red pepper, but frankly from a photographer’s standpoint, I was more interested in the esthetics. The first thing that caught me eye was the obvious…red!! In a sea of vegetables, the red stood out. The second thing that caught me eye was the subtle lighting of the red peppers. The challenge I had in getting this shot was that the plant was located right by the sidewalk and this part of the garden had a traffic jam of people crowding the walkway. Stopping to shoot was not something I could give much time to with the limited space and number of people. I took about five shots as quickly as I could and then cropped the results into this final photograph. Thoughts?

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“The Mushroom” The Art Print of the Week

“The Mushroom” The Art Print of the Week

I updated my B&W Photography 2 Gallery this week and the art print of the week is one of the new additions. This print is a macro shot of a mushroom growing in the woods that I came across on one of my hikes here in the Pacific Northwest. As a side note…mushroom or toadstool, I don’t know the difference as I don’t pick them, so in my mind it’s a mushroom. That said, I thought the texture and contrast of the shot lent itself well to a black and white art print. Visit the gallery for other shots recently added from my hikes and from the Issaquah Railroad Museum….

source: B&W Photography 2 Gallery

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