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Descanso Gardens Part 1

Descanso Gardens is a 150-acre botanical garden located in La Cañada Flintridge, Los Angeles County, California. If you’re not sure where that is in the Los Angeles Metro area, it’s in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains northwest of Pasadena. Descanso has a fascinating history dating back to 1937, more information here.

Every holiday season, as do  many botanical gardens, they have a beautiful light show at night for guests. I have been lucky enough to see a number of botanical garden light shows, but I have to say this is the most incredible night show of lights I have personally seen. I have heard about this over the years, but until this year never went to experience it. Our daughter and her husband took their daughter to see it last year and all they could talk about was having us go this year with them. Our oldest daughter and her husband were flying down from Seattle to spend Christmas with us, so opening night (Monday before Christmas) our LA daughter, her husband and our granddaughter (plus a new grandson born this year) hosted all of us to a night at Enchanted Forest of Lights in Descanso Gardens.

I was absolutely not prepared for the incredible beauty of the evening. I loved their use of fog machines throughout to enhance the look and experience. I took some photos, but not on a professional level. Using just my I-phone I wasn’t able to get truly great night photos. Having said that, my son-in-law had his new I-phone 11, which does do night photography quite well. All of that being said, I wanted to share a taste of what we experienced. The photos I am sharing in part 1 are his (with his permission).  Part 2 (next week) are a few of my better ones that weren’t duplicates of his. I hope you enjoy!!!

Descanso Gardens 1

Descanso Gardens 2

Descanso Gardens 3

Descanso Gardens 4

Descanso Gardens 5

Descanso gardens 6

Descanso Gardens 7

Descanso Gardens 8

Descanso Gardens 9


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“Desert Botanical Garden” Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

My wife and I went to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix last week to check out the Chihuly  Exhibit. We have seen the Chihuly Exhibit at the Seattle Center, but wanted to see what his work would look like scattered amongst desert plantings. The first shot is in the garden giving you a feel for the surrounding environment. The garden is situated in such a way, you forget you are in a metropolitan area of over 4 million people.  Within the garden, I included two shots of Chihuly glass work amongst the desert flora and fauna. The contrast between his bright-colored displays and the plants were amazing. The displays are also lit up at night which we have seen pictures of and that creates an entirely different experience. The work is stunning both day and night. Enjoy!!

Desert Botanical Garden 1

Desert Botanical Garden 1

Desert Botanical Garden 2

Desert Botanical Garden 2

Desert Botanical Garden 3

Desert Botanical Garden 3

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