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Boston Urban Images Sketched

From floral the last two weeks to architecture this week…

I have always had an appreciation of architecture having taken a number of classes related to it during my school years. Fast forward to today and I have been able to use a sketching technique that highlights the intricacies of good architecture and even street scenes that celebrate the architecture that lines them. In my opinion detail sketching is one of the best ways to display the beauty and intricacies of classic architecture. On that vein, I have attached four art prints that highlight two buildings and two street scenes in Boston!

The First One: Boston Urban Sketched

The Second One: Urban Bay Windows

The Third One: Beacon Street Sketched

And the Fourth One: Bunker Hill Sketched


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Visual Depth – Featured Art Prints

One of the aspects of a good art print or photograph is the ability of the visual display (art print or photograph) to pull your eye into the scene. A quick left to right scan is not pulling your visual interest into the presentation. There needs to be an aspect of the picture that pulls your eye further into the scene. Sometimes, this is an interesting aspect of the subject matter presented and sometimes it’s the simple visual stimuli of depth. Depth in a picture creates an interest for the eye to look further into the composition of the print. One of the easiest ways to do this is to literally create depth in the picture. In real life, we find depth interesting…”oh, look down there” or “I wonder where that goes”… to the most common….”hum…wonder what’s around the bend?”. I have attached four art prints from my Street Scenes/People Gallery that typifies my point. The depth elements in these four cases are the scene itself.

The first art print is one of my more popular ones, depicting a portion of Beacon Hill. Typical street scene and see how your eye follows the road, looking down the street to see what is there.


The second print is of Bunker Hill and uses the same element, but plays with the “what’s around the corner” curiosity. Your eye can’t help but follow the road as it winds down the hill.



The third and fourth prints from a resort in Warner Springs, California are similar to the first one, in that your eye follows the sidewalk under the arched trees into that remote point way off in the distance.



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